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    Dfo / dual frequency oscillator (Sold)

    I recently made a few dfo/dual frequency oscillators pcb’s These can be programmed to suite your needs , just send me a message. Looking at £10 each posted in the uk ppg 0 available 5 sold feedback:
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    Cps2 pal g chip

    Hi there , any one got a cps2 pal g chip? after one to test my multigame, not going to well at the moment. preferably from the uk for faster shipping Thanks Chris
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    black screen--SOLVED (post 12)

    hi there, received the multikit today and fitted it :) but whenever I select a game, I get a green screen for a brief second then black screen, ive tried a different sd card , I get exactly the same... Ive so far checked the connections between all the pins and the b board and everything is...
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    hello there,