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  1. natehe

    LCD troubleshooting / repairs

    I want to try to change the LCD module. Can the module use specifications like 2402 or 4002 other than 1602? If only HD44780 is compatible, can it be used? Then, the game full name is displayed without scrolling :) Does this cause problems with the output? Like a progress bar... Japanese...
  2. natehe

    [OUT OF STOCK] PALM PCB - Autofire and button remapping for NeoGeo/DB15 controllers

    I am very interested! I like the xh header better. Since the pcb size is small... can I get it?
  3. natehe

    Problem demo play

    My cps2-multi driving video. Two strange things (00:00:50, 00:01:23) Does not it work the same as the original?
  4. natehe

    CPS2 Multikit: Instructions and videos (old version till 10.2020)

    The Manual of Truth... !
  5. natehe

    The Top 5 Best Neo-Geo Games!

    1. Metal slug 3 2. MOW 3. KOF96 4. RBS 5. Last Blade 2
  6. natehe

    --> Get your CPS2 Multi game here!!!! <--

    I received today Safe delivery, Cooool! Thanks to the Darksoft and Mitsurugi-w ~
  7. natehe

    --> Get your CPS2 Multi game here!!!! <--

    I bought one. International shipping. worried...
  8. natehe

    NEOGEO + AES Multigame cartridge - NEW POLL INCLUDED. PLEASE VOTE!

    Screenshots are nice, but I like very very simple way. (Menu-Driven cps3 repro cart) Screenshot on the menu that's too commercial products or emulators The stock game list is on the initial screen If you choose this game, you can select the entire game again. Instead of text-based, so I want to...
  9. natehe

    Preorder interest check

    I need MVS x 1 The Future is Now~ :)
  10. natehe

    Capcom CPS1/2/3 kick harness condensers

    Interesting.. :) wonder principles
  11. natehe

    CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    Darksoft thanks! coolstuff~
  12. natehe

    64 & 128Mb CPS3 Repro SIMMS!!

    I need, 128mb SIMM x 7 64mb SIMM x 3
  13. natehe

    NEOGEO + AES Multigame cartridge - NEW POLL INCLUDED. PLEASE VOTE!

    I like this for MVS Multi-kit~ Arcade is the best :) put me on pre-order list!
  14. natehe

    --> Get your CPS2 Multi game here!!!! <--

    no stock. everywhere. T-T I'll wait.. I request the distributor add. In my case, is not possible to pay. Their site has some problems. Recommend,
  15. natehe

    CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    I'll wait!!