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    UD-USB Decoders

    @undamned I have the original ps360, not ps360+ and it is not working with the decoder. When I plug it in, I have a blinking green and red light. Any way to get around this?
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    UD-USB Decoders

    Yes, I also want to buy 2 of them as well. Not sure should I wait for Paradise Arcade to restock or are you still taking orders directly.
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    TeensyJVS help. I/O detection needed for games

    Hi all, I created the TeensyJVS I/O board since I'm still waiting for the official Sega I/O board to show up in the mail. I got it working and the Naomi was able to detect it. However, I'm having trouble loading the games (capcom vs snk 2, marvel vs capcom 2, akatsuki bk) with this error...