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  1. benime

    Official: CPS1 Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    I checked my Slammasters, it's a -5 board.
  2. benime

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    @KinG_SoPa , you can use or to ask general questions about MiSTer and set up, let's keep this thread specific to @invzim 's JAMMA expander.
  3. benime

    * SOLD Mitsubishi Megaview XC3725C 37" CRT Monitor w/ OSSC and Roadie Box $1200

    Hey I know that guy. Can confirm, it's in good hands.
  4. benime

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Interested in 1, as well.
  5. benime

    SOLD - Selling various PCBs for vet costs

    Since some folks have been following up with me, I figured I would post an update here. We had to say goodbye to her yesterday, but she got to go for a walk (in her backpack), have some wagyu steak for a last meal, and take a last nap on our deck overlooking our backyard. We had a vet out at...
  6. benime

    Game Saru Japan Container Import Megathread (check regularly for updates!)

    Seems like he made the right choice. Yeah you're not being blunt. You're being an asshole. For the record, being a shithead on The Internet™ isn't a personality.
  7. benime

    In this thread we tube and yoke swap monitors

    This has been my personal experience, as well. Tube swapping A68 tubes is such a pain. Getting convergence even close to right is a chore, and heaven forbid you should have to move the thing or point it in another cardinal direction because then your purity gets hosed.
  8. benime

    Candy Cabs Aero Joystick new LS-32 Hoagtech's PLOG.

    You could just convert it if you want, or wire up a new harness. As far as the grounds, just use a cap connector and crimp them all together. Official harnesses from SEGA for Astro, Blast, and NNC come that way (button/stick grounds crimped into cap connector).
  9. benime

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    I specifically only bought one MiSTercade because I saw your MiSTer/Aero City comment and was hoping you had something like this up your sleeve. Big fan of all your other products (have several of each) and can't wait to grab one of these too!
  10. benime

    Xeltek 610p help

    I've found that I would often get those errors with my 610p until I stopped setting the chips in the ZIF and raised them up slightly before using the locking lever. I wonder if the pins make contact with something in the case if they're inserted too deep.
  11. benime

    Any PGM Conversion info out there?

    I will say I have encountered audio quality problems on these conversions if the audio ROM had soldering issues. Going back over them always fixed it for me.
  12. benime

    Positive Feedback for Vinsanity

    Sold PCBs to Vinsanity a couple of times; smooth transactions both times!
  13. benime

    SOLD - Selling various PCBs for vet costs

    She's doing well. She's healed and we're back to doing regular activities like going to the beach.
  14. benime

    Nanao MS8-29FSG sparks when plugged on & screen doesn't show any game images.

    Imagine arguing with the guy that wrote And then doubling down. Read the room, dude.
  15. benime

    SOLD - Selling various PCBs for vet costs

    All PMs have been responded to and all items are currently spoken for, if any items become available I will reach out to folks that have expressed interest.
  16. benime

    SOLD - Selling various PCBs for vet costs

    Thanks for all of the interest and condolences. I pulled the CPS3 for now since it's having a vsync issue I need to look at, and I've updated the descriptions in the first post along with photos. I'll be reaching out to everyone.
  17. benime

    SOLD - Selling various PCBs for vet costs

    Our 8 year old corgi recently had an emergency procedure to remove a cancerous spleen and that plus planning for her end of life stuff, along with owing taxes (got married last year, higher paying job), were some unexpected expenses. We're not pursuing treatment because this cancer doesn't...
  18. benime

    FS: Custom Pac Man Theme Cocktail Arcade Cabinet Table Over 1000 Games + 2 Stools

    It's not.
  19. benime

    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    It's not a matter of generosity but necessity. If people don't pay up, someone has to cover the cost. These folks will either have to pay full, non-preorder price or the machines will get sold to anyone else willing to pay full price.