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    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi
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    Looking to un-phoenix SSF IIX GMC

    Just for graphics chips. When SF2X was produced, larger capacity mask ROMs were either unavailable, or cost-prohibitive. Capcom used smaller capacity chips in greater number - more than the standard B-board can accommodate alone - hence the daughterboard. “G” PAL games are later games with the...
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    Looking to un-phoenix SSF IIX GMC

    You don’t need the ROM daughterboard for conversions done in this manner. If the game is already running, albeit with phoenix ROMs, you just need to write the encrypted ROM images to chips 03 to 09, then install the InfiniKey.
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    How to get tekken 5 stages in tekken 5 DR

    Bit of a necrobump here, but oh well... The MAME docs in this case mean that the TED2 (export) dongle is not dumped, not the DVD. Or rather, the TED2 dongle has been dumped - twice it seems - but for some reason the files have not been released: If anyone...
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    Positive feedback for ArcSys101

    Bought a couple of System 246 dongles from @ArcSys101. Great communicator, fast shipping to the UK. Pleasure to deal with. :)
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    Marvel super heroes vs street fighter rom with NG?

    Ha! Swapping the chips over did cross my mind, to be fair... Not sure how the seller managed to mis-label them. Glad you’re up and running. Enjoy the game, it’s a good one! :)
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    Marvel super heroes vs street fighter rom with NG?

    What is the date code on screen when you first power on the game? How are the program ROM chips labelled? The program ROMs you have are either corrupt [likely the chips in sockets 07 and 08], or they are a mix of ROMs from different revisions of the game. It’s also worth checking that all the...
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    Secondary memory card requirements (Soul Caliber 2 etc).

    Hey, that SC3 dongle used to be mine! :) I scanned it for cataloguing:
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    Merging Progear SIMM files

    Note to all: Please use this information responsibly. I'd rather not see PuzzLoop 2 or Mighty Pang boards converted to Progear being sold dishonestly on eBay.
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    Merging Progear SIMM files

    I finally got around to testing this today. The information is good for replacing damaged SIMMs in legit Progear boards, but I guess if converting another game with SIMMs, such as Mighty Pang or PuzzLoop 2, is what you desire then it will work for that too. Here's how to do it. Byte interleave...
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    PGM single game PCB interest check

    @Fluffy, I’m interested in three sets, please. I’d like to play with something new, and PGM is it. :)
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    Merging Progear SIMM files

    It possible you’re not getting answers because it’s not clear what it is you’re trying to do. Are you repairing an existing Progear board, so you need the graphics data on a series of SIMMs? Are you making a conversion using a black metal cased board, so you need the program ROM on a SIMM?
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    To battery or no battery (CPS2 games)?

    The Mitchell games use the same key for all regions. Still a different key for each title, but region swaps for the same game are possible. Using the Puzz Loop 2 Euro or Japan key will most likely work on your Asia board.
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    Switching forum software to XenForo

    Looks like the upgrade worked then, lads! Nice work, @brizzo!
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    CPS2 Gray board original?

    Not particularly, if you’re okay with handling a soldering iron, it’s a pretty basic job.
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    CPS2 Gray board original?

    Pricing is somewhat subjective. Sure, it’s an Asia board, but for A and B pair, in what appears to be pretty clean condition, it’s actually not too bad, considering it’s a D&D game. It’s still running, so the battery clearly hasn’t leaked. @Ali710, the moment you get it, you’ll want to pop...
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    CPS3 new Simms. Pick your name.

    Indeed. A new name for the new BIOS is probably a good thing. It will avoid confusion over whether Darksoft carts are otherwise the ‘old’ type (current SuperBIOS) or the ‘new’ type (UltraBIOS).
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    CPS2 Gray board original?

    I agree, I’m reasonably certain that this is legit. Looks nice and clean too.
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    CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    Sounds like we’re pretty much thinking the same here. :D
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    CPS III Bios and CD Releases

    I think you’re putting too much thought into my analogy, nem. ;) I was simply offering an alternative analogy with respect to hoarding. Is it really possible to hoard luxury items? Hoarding of water during a drought is bad for everyone. It’s an indisputable dick move. Hoarding of luxury...