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  1. chomponooch

    SEGA Naomi - Customized Compact Flash cards

    Those carts looking great :thumbup: and working fine (I've tested few).
  2. chomponooch

    Positve feedback for Tailsnic Retroworks

    @Tailsnic Retroworks - great seller here. :thumbup: Items as described, well packaged, fast shipment Really friendly/helpful guy!!
  3. chomponooch

    Outrun pcb video connector/plug

    Thanks :thumbup:
  4. chomponooch

    Outrun pcb video connector/plug

    Need help identifying outrun pcb 6 pins rgb connector/plug type. What kind of connector is it? Thank you
  5. chomponooch

    Jaleco Pony Mark 3 - screen protection glass replacment

    local glass company - good idea - I'll start with this. Fortunately, the Pony Mark tined temperd glass has no holes. border around the glass - I have an idea to bring it to a company that sticks car windows or to a printing company that can print directly on glass. If that will fail - I'll...
  6. chomponooch

    Jaleco Pony Mark 3 - screen protection glass replacment

    I decided to replace Pony Mark III monitor protection glass (has faw minor scratches, but one quite deep crack) I have a request for advice. What kind of glass is it? It seems slightly dimmed, but is it polarized as well? Does anyone manufacture replacements this days? Thank you for any help.
  7. chomponooch

    Positive Feedback for Hammy

    @Hammy has fixed my faulty Batsugun - top notch standard of repair - the board works great now. Kept me informed the whole time - very helpful and friendly chap. Thanks so much again :)
  8. chomponooch

    Namco NB-1 conversion to Nebula’s Ray

    I've just installed pcb from @SnakeGrunger and converted board works great! Thanks everyone for this - specially @SnakeGrunger, @ShootTheCore and @Apocalypse
  9. chomponooch

    Does anyone own a Sky Alert PCB?

    Just have found one
  10. chomponooch

    Conversion of single layer Taito Cup Finals PCB to something else?

    Thanks @Darksoft - but how to do it? I coudnt go to service menu via test button and do a memory clear... OK @Ace`- let you know when I'll pass ram issue
  11. chomponooch

    Conversion of single layer Taito Cup Finals PCB to something else?

    Thanks for this awsome conversion tutorial :thumbsup: I'm trying the Gunlock / Ray force conversion but after all steps I'm stuck on "color ram error" It looks similar to Taito F3. Get your cart here All traces looks well - donor board worked fine too... Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. chomponooch

    Sega Aero City Cabinet top sign graphics

    I need to create repro of this sign ("VIDEO GAME SEGA AEROCITY") and looking for printable gfx to print it on foil and sticking to plexiglass or mayby someone produce/sell this sing repro? Any help is appreciated Thank you
  13. chomponooch

    New Namco System 1 Multi

    + 1 for me :thumbup: Every Namco system 1 board is suitable donor for multi?
  14. chomponooch

    [FS] Apocalypse's sale vol. 2

    PM - Raiden and Vapor Trail
  15. chomponooch

    Positive feedback - glstar

    Bought two aero cp's from @glstar - they were really well packaged and arrived quickly. Perfect seller, smooth transaction. thanks again!
  16. chomponooch

    Positive Feedback for Yippikaye

    Bought two games from @Yippikaye. Excellent packaging, quick postage and good comms throughout the deal. Many thanks!
  17. chomponooch

    [FS] Fighting Layer Bank Panic others

    Tekken Tag and Punk Shot sold