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  1. hyp36rmax

    AxunWorks JAMMA Extender difference between Taiwan Future and Japan HRS?

    What's the difference between Taiwan FUTURE and Japan HRS?
  2. hyp36rmax

    Taito F3 Love with Lions3 Case

    @Lions3 F3 case really makes the DarkSoft Multi amazing! Haven't seen enough love on the internet with proper photos. So check it... Have it connected to @RGB HAS Supergun 4.1 and @Axun @axunworks PSU
  3. hyp36rmax

    WTB - TaitoF3 Game Cart Chassis

    Specifically looking for Taito F3 Game Cart Chassis for Kyukyoku Tiger II since mine was missing the case when I bough the F3 motherboard. Looks like this:
  4. hyp36rmax

    Virtua Stick High Grade Panel for Astro City Mini Arcade Stick

    Can I commision a Sega Virtua Stick High Grade replacement panel for an Astro City Mini Arcade Stick? From what i've seen they are the same chassis and dimensions. The only difference is the top panel for Astro City Mini has 24mm buttons for "Coin" and "Start" Original Virtua Stick High Grade...