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  1. keiichi331

    Game Saru Japan Container Import Megathread (check regularly for updates!)

    @Cereth Has been nothing but professional in my dealings with him. So much so, that I feel confident in prepaying over $2500 and having him hold on to it for months because he has been transparent with me about what he's doing and where things are. Rock on brotha. Its a small community we have...
  2. keiichi331

    K C Game sale

    @paris_green Did KC make right with you? I feel like he shouldn't be allowed to sling his wares until he's taken care of complaints. Right now he just keeps bombarding this thread with photos of thing on "sale" and it drowns out the issues he's had with customers.
  3. keiichi331

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Ohhhhhh yeah! Let’s do this! I’m still in and my body is ready!
  4. keiichi331

    SOLD: HAS supergun v2

    Bump for a solid seller and a good friend. Was able to try this HAS V2 out and works perfectly
  5. keiichi331

    [WTB] Espgaluda

    I have a galuda pcb for sale, hit me up
  6. keiichi331

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    @Hadouken Arcade - I just got my bracket in and installed everything and this kit is legit! Super high quality parts and everything went together perfectly! Finally updated my busted old L-AMI monitor for a new fresh 1080p monitor and it looks amazing! Build Quality: 10/10 Fit: 10/10 Ease of...
  7. keiichi331

    Universal joystick mount plate for Vewlix and Chewlix

    Ill take 2 of the prototypes!
  8. keiichi331

    FS: CPS3 Darksoft Multi Kit with SCSI2SD & Jasen Plexicase - Ready to Play

    It looks like you have the longer legs on the bottom? (meaning more space under the PCB board). I did this with my Jasen plexiglass as well and It nearly broke my board. There is a lot of pressure on the ram chips and from your photo, I can actually make out some bowling /bending of your board...
  9. keiichi331

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Just got my order in for batch 2! also if anyone is interested: micro enter having this monitor as a pretty good price
  10. keiichi331

    theoddtech's arcade FS thread

    PM for soul caliber
  11. keiichi331

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    baaaaah sold out,
  12. keiichi331

    FS: ASTRO City Southern California

    Good luck with your sale @Blue_Fox! Your wiring in your CP is sooo clean, i love it =)
  13. keiichi331

    Sold Taito Jamma Kit

    bah I’m too slow!
  14. keiichi331

    Multi JVS v1.0

    So if I have that final fantasy music game that had those fancy controls but I only have the board will this worth with it? Can I just map the 2 joysticks into this and remap things?
  15. keiichi331

    Multi JVS v1.0

    amazing, im in! To whom do i throw this money at , my monitor doesn't seem to want it