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  1. ita123

    Neo MV2F Red Color Missing

    Hello, I have This MV2F board with red color missing Issue. I seems That the previous owner tried to fix it and replace the blowen out resistors and the LS273 chip. I patched the broken traces from the resistors and put socket to the LS273 Chip for testing other chip from my donor board (did...
  2. ita123

    Sega Dreamcast arcade stick overlay

    Hello, Im looking for the hkt-7300 control panel overlay, i want to print a custom artwork for it ,any help appreciated. Thanks
  3. ita123

    Scart cable for the HAS

    Hello, Does anyone knows where can i buy an 8 pin mini din scart cable? Does the cable should be populated with any components?(Caps/Resistors) Thanks.
  4. ita123

    First SuperGun Build Questions and Suggestions

    Hello all, for a long time i want to build a supergun. I have most of the parts needed for the build. I need clarifications or suggestions from the experts here. Enclosure box - 10mm thick MDF with Front/Back 4mm plexiglass panels. My plan is to laser cut the plexi panels to fit all the needed...
  5. ita123

    Atomisewave Error

    Hello, when i power the board i get Error 01, cartridge includes fatal error. I dont have any game cartridge at the moment so i only test the board. Iv tried to enter the system menu turn dip switch 2, on position but nothing , still the same error. Any suggistions? Thanks.
  6. ita123

    control panel identification

    Hello, does anyone knows which machine use this conrol panel? ( i have purchased it from ebay). I want to build a 2 player arcade stick. Is it a legit sega panel or a fake?
  7. ita123

    Sega ST-V Multibios

    Hello everyone, i want to burn a multibios on to my st-v board. I have purchased a am27c400 chip but my programmer dosent support it.( I have minipro tl866cs programmer) is there any other 40 pin chips that i can use on the st-v? Thanks.