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  1. Casselfornia

    *SOLVED* Strange Lindbergh Problem

    Hey, recently got a "fully tested" and "working" Lindbergh Yellow from China. Of course the GPU was dead. After sourcing a replacement and installing a Multi I was happy that I could choose a game and was ready to play. Not to mention during all of this I found out I got a Lindbergh Red in a...
  2. Casselfornia

    Repair Log: Capcom Vs. SNK Cart

    Hey folks, just wanna log this and need some help. I'll add pics later! I recently had this cart in the mail and when I fire it up it boots fine and even displays the license text and everything. After that the screen stays black and the game freezes in black screen. Rom Board test shows that...
  3. Casselfornia

    Can you swap Sega MPR Roms with Eproms?

    Hey, as I just found out some Sega MPRs on my Rom Board have broken legs. Can I get the mame data for these and program some eproms with it? Never done this, hence the question! It's Rad Mobile on System 32.
  4. Casselfornia

    WTB: Rad Mobile Deluxe PCBs or any other System 32 PCBs

    Hi, as mentioned above. I now own one of these beasts but it was rat infested and the piss ate through most of the pcbs. Would be cool if any of you can offer me any of those. Although I think I can get the Drive Bd. pcb working again.
  5. Casselfornia

    Sega ST-V Board Repair *help*

    Hi, I recently acquired this board with Dynamite Deka. Previous Owner already resoldered the sh2 chips. The system passes all checks when I press the test button while powering up. Problem is that it doesn't boot. No animation, no nothing. With or without cartridge, just a black screen. Any...
  6. Casselfornia

    Hi from Germany!

    Hi, I only registered here to buy stuff from the ingenious mitsurugi-w. I am also active on a lot of other boards so don't expect too much from me. Anyway, I've been reading in the shadows for a while now... So maybe not only too buy stuff. ;)