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  1. mR_CaESaR

    CPS2 (Grey) - blank screen

    Thought I'd make a post here and reach out to see if anybody has had the same experience I'm trying to fix a grey cps2 a and b board (rev 3) that will just boot into a blank screen (looks suicided to me). Things that have been done but all yield the same result: Voltage checks out on the...
  2. mR_CaESaR

    Incompatible CPS3 cart?

    Has anyone ever come across incompatibility when trying to SuperBios mod a CPS3 cart? Bios: Official BIOS with region selection (custom sh2) Bios chip used: TSOP48 (Fujitsu 29F400TA) Programmer: Top3000 [chip selected in program A29400T_(TSOP48), adapter used - the one created by @ModGirl on...
  3. mR_CaESaR

    Blast City resurrection

    Here I am with another project - I'm a sucker for punishment! :D A few weeks ago, I was given an ad on Gumtree for a couple of Blast Cities located in Newcastle. I was umming and ahhing about getting them as I really don't have room. Mrs said, "just buy and fix them up, then decide what you...
  4. mR_CaESaR

    Faulty SIMM socket?

    Thought I'd create a new thread rather than fill up the purchases thread :) Made a gamble purchase on what would've been my "grail" pcb.. Cps3 and 3s! The "gamble" comment is due to the message below which the seller did state.. I took the gamble because I thought.. Maybe one or two...
  5. mR_CaESaR

    CPS2 A board freezing/crashing

    Thought I'd reach out on these forums with the recent cps2 issue I seem to be having. I've purchased a couple cps2 a and b sets (Ssf2 and xmen vs), one set is working perfectly fine, the other set seems to have an odd behaviour where it freezes no matter what b board is installed. I've tested...
  6. mR_CaESaR

    Wtb - green cps2 b shell

    Anybody got a spare shell that can still be used with the 4 screws? I've got a cracked shell and a broken screw holder and it's causing the board to not sit right causing some graphical glitches.. Once I take the b board out of the case, everything works perfectly fine. Doesn't have to be...
  7. mR_CaESaR

    Nanoa MS9-29A image rolling

    Hey guys, My ms8 had a vertical collapse the other day (will send to Jomac) I'm replacing my ms8 with an MS9 which I had the MS9 monitor working 100% when I was doing some testing for my racing cab.. Even got it working to 24khz Now for the love of God... I can't get a proper image on...
  8. mR_CaESaR

    Wells Gardner 27" 27D9204

    My search for a 31khz monitor to put in my Sega universal cab yielded this: a Wells Gardner 27" 27D9204 Does anybody have any experience with this tube/chassis combo? I searched quite a bit for this...
  9. mR_CaESaR

    WTB - Sega Naomi/Net City/New Net City Marquee

    Anyone got one they're will to sell and send to Australia? I know there's the repros, but for the Naomi, I'd like an original as it's moulded - plus FrancoB has provided the awg of the repros. Thanks in advance
  10. mR_CaESaR

    Sega Universal Upright conversion

    Some Aussies may have seen the Gumtree add for this cab that's been around for some time. I ended up paying the seller AUD 150 instead of the AUD 350 it was listed for so after a 150km round trip and I've got my newest project! The day started with a trip to bunnings to hire the ute.. A...
  11. mR_CaESaR

    Hello from Sydney, Australia

    Hello from Sydney Australia , it's been a long time coming, but I finally created an introduction thread :D I got told about this forum many months back and I've just been lurking over the months. I love my candy cabs, but also have a soft spot for Sega Racers and Namco shooters I have 2x...