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  1. 300wins

    SOLD: Vewlix power supply

    Both of these power supply have been sold. Thanks for all that showed interest. ------------------ I have for sale 2 Vewlix power supply. These power supplies are the official ones used in the Vewlix cabinet. Please note that they are really picky when it comes to voltage, so you will NEED...
  2. 300wins

    FS: Street Fighter II World Warrior B + C ONLY

    I have a working Street Fighter II : World Warrior B + C board ONLY. The A board is NOT included. Asking $110 plus shipping for it. Once again the A board is NOT included. Message me if you are interested.
  3. 300wins

    SOLD: Taito Type X2 with multi and MAME

    This has been SOLD! Thanks to all that showed interest. ------------------ I have a 100% cleaned out Taito Type X2 with a multi that also contains a bunch of MAME roms. It comes with a 500 gig hard drive, new power supply fan, heat sink fan and case fan. New thermal paste and is super quiet...
  4. 300wins

    SOLD: Official NOS Taito PSU for Egret 2

    This has been SOLD! Thank you for all that we're interested. --------- While cleaning out my office, I found a NOS Taito power supply for the Egret 2. I bought this directly from Taito Tech a few years back. Taito Tech ran out of these power supply a long time ago. I will NEVER own another...
  5. 300wins

    FS: Taito X2 plate cover for $60 each

    1 is sold, only 1 left. ------- Since I don't need them anymore, I have 2 Taito Type X2 plate cover for sale. They are $60 shipped each. Both are empty and just the cover, If I can find them, I will attach the 2.5 inch hard drive adapter to them. I'll post pictures later tonight. PM me if...
  6. 300wins

    SOLD: HAS supergun v2

    This has been SOLD! ------- I have a HAS supergun, version 2 for sale. Looking for $175 shipped anywhere in the USA. It includes the power cable (to connect to a PSU) and a kick harness (CPS2). DM me if you have any questions.
  7. 300wins

    SOLD: Cave PGM carts - DOJ and Ketsui

    These have all been SOLD! Thank you for all of those that were interested. ------------------- I have a few of the Cave PGM carts for sale. These are the original cart, not the redone one with the new PCB. I have 2 copies of Dodonpachi Daioujo. Asing $125 shipped EACH in the USA. If you're...
  8. 300wins

    SOLD OUT: Taito X3 video card - GTX 660

    All 3 video cards have now been SOLD! Thanks for everyone that showed interest. ---------------------- I have a few X3 video card that I am selling since I did some upgrade on my system. They are the MSI GTX 660 card that is in a lot of different X3 configuration. I've seen them in: Nesica...
  9. 300wins

    SOLD: Taito X3 video card - GT 640

    These are now SOLD! Thank you for all that expressed interest. ------------------- I have a sale a few Taito X3 video card that came out of a Puzzle and Dragon machine. They all work perfectly in the X3 or on a PC. I upgraded my machines, so these are no longer needed. The card is a MSI GT...
  10. 300wins

    X3 official firmware

    Here are the official firmware for the 3 video cards that the X3 has. I haven't seen any different video cards than these 3. If there are, please let me know and I can update the thread. These firmware was extracted from official Taito Type X3 machine and NOT some aftermarket card or...
  11. 300wins

    SOLD: Taito Type X2 with multi drive

    This has been SOLD! Thanks to all that showed interest. --------------------- I have a clean Taito Type X2 motherboard that has a new case fan, PSU fan and CPU fan. They are all quiet Noctua fan. The machine has been taken apart, fully cleaned, new thermal paste on the CPU. This has been...
  12. 300wins

    Type X3 video card and CPU upgrade

    I was wondering how involved it is to upgrade my Quiz and Dragons X3 from a i3 to say an i5 or i7. What about the video card? It currently has a 640. What if I wanted to upgrade to a GTX 660? Is it straight drop in or do I need to flash any bios? What's the highest card a X3 will accept?
  13. 300wins

    SOLD: Final Fight CPS1 and UN Squadron CPS1

    BOTH OF THESE GAMES HAVE BEEN SOLD! I have a couple of CPS-1 boards for sale. They work 100% and are original and NOT conversion. They are both USA region. I'm only selling them because I have a French CPS-1 multi and waiting on the Darksoft CPS-1 multi. Pictures will be shown of them...
  14. 300wins

    Toshiba PF D29C051 chassis inductor

    Today I turned on my New Net City and it didn't turn on. Took the chassis out and found that the inductor at L411 broke somehow. This inductor is coming from the Toshiba perfect flat chassis with PD-1843 stamped on the chassis. I don't know the value, so I don't know where to get a...
  15. 300wins

    FS: NOS Taito Egret 2 PSU - LAST ONE FROM ME!

    This is the very last Taito Egret 2 power supply that I have available. Taito does not have anymore of these. It is a new old stock (NOS) and obviously never been used. I don't own an Egret 2 anymore, so it's no use to me. I am asking $250 shipped via PayPal gift or $262.50 non gift for it...
  16. 300wins

    SOLD OUT! - New Net City extended remote board

    All of these are SOLD OUT! Thank you to anyone who bought any. ----------------------------------- Do you have a New Net City with the original Toshiba perfect flat monitor? Did you know that there are 2 hidden menus that you can't normally access with the normal remote board. The set of...
  17. 300wins

    noob here

    Most of you know me from the neo-geo forums. Same person, same username.