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  1. penrhos

    manual/pinouts required for Sega PCB 837-15083

    Found this in the bottom of a box of Sega JVS PCB's - can't find any info on google, looks like some kind of JVS PCB only markings on it are the ones for the ports and the part number "837-15083" I'm sure it was in the box with some V3 JVS PCB's I bought as a job lot. I have the 60-pin...
  2. penrhos

    Alternative options to Naomi_CF?

    I've been having a nightmare writing AW games with Naomi_CF V1.34 - is there an alternative way to write CF-Cards? I have a box full of Branded CF-Cards "Transcend Ultra industrial" & "Unigen industrial" and it'll read the ID (Mainly 33nn & 34nn with a few 30nn) but it won't program any of...
  3. penrhos

    Help - dead EXboard...

    Bought an ex-board from YAJ and its arrived dead after a 70 day sea freight. Pulled it apart and the CMOS battery was flat, replaced it with a known good one and the PSU is also dead - so I have the PCB on my desk connected to an ATX PSU - suprisingly the PCB fires up and displays a picture...
  4. penrhos

    FS : CPS3 motherboard with 2 * 64Mb simms

    This was my "spare" CPS3 motherboard" but I sold a CPS3 setup on ebay and to cut a long story short I've had to use the spare 128Mb simm I had in it to "Repair" what was a perfectly working setup before the buyer got hold of it. I also have a modded CPS3 security cart. The bios I used defaults...
  5. penrhos

    CPS3 : Errors 13/23/33 when flashing new games.

    I sold a CPS3 setup on eBay and it was thoroughly tested before I posted it out - I loaded all games from CD and played a couple of goes on each one (so about 6 hours on soak-test). Boxed it up in an anti-static bag and plenty of pink bubble-wrap. Buyer received it, left positive feedback and...
  6. penrhos

    Can a TTX3 Fastio PCB be used in a TTX1/TTX2/Windows-7 MAME PC?

    As Fastio TTX2's are getting stupidly expensive on YAJ and there's a few TTX3 Fastio PCB's popping up cheaply can you use the PCB in a TTX2 or TTX1? If you have Niko's multi could you use the TTX3 fastio pcb and inject the drivers into Niko's Multi instead of using the standard JVS card? Or...
  7. penrhos

    Converting Fastio/JVS to JAMMA

    I have a fastio vewlix-f and the taito upscaler pcb. I want to make a JAMMA loom to connect it all up. I'm 99% sure I need:- 1 * YLP-15V - P1-loom cab end. 1 * YLP-04V - 12V. 1 * YLR-12V - P2-loom cab end. 1 * YLR-08V - Coin/Service. 1 * YLR-02V - Earth. 1 * YLR-03P - Power for PSU. Which...
  8. penrhos

    Vewlix teardown, clean & rebuild (Completed).

    I picked up a pair of Vewlix-F's from a group order over on ArcadeOtaku One has been cleaned and is in use (with a slight screen issue) and is working fine with Niko's TTX2-Multi nestled inside. The second one needs some TLC (and now I've had time to strip it down some parts). Every cab I buy...
  9. penrhos

    Sanwa T32H07S (KA) - Vewlix-F monitor brown banding on white screens

    Picked up a pair of Vewlix-F's both have the same issue with the screen - when you have a white background there's a slight brown banding running across the screen. Both were pretty grimy when I got them and it took a complete pack of kitchen surface wipes to clean this one up (I did completely...
  10. penrhos

    Found : Vewlix - Player-2 loom

    I need a pair of Player-2 looms for my two Vewlix "F"'s as I've just ordered some 2L14B panels from a local fabricator and I've only got 1L7B panels fitted at the moment. I'm sure I saw a link somewhere on here where some were for sale. Or can someone provide the part numbers so I can order...
  11. penrhos

    Found : Capcom jvs-jamma power lead or connectors.

    dug my capcom jamma->JVS pcb and for the life of me I can't find the power lead. Has anyone got a spare 8-pin M-M Power lead lying around or an 8-pin Male power connector and 7 pins so I can convert one of the M-F extension leads I have. Supplied by FrancoB - thanks....
  12. penrhos

    WTT : For Vewlix JVS card.

    I need some JVS cards for my Vewlix-F's but am broke - anyone fancy a trade for:- 256Mb Net-Dimm upgraded to FW 4.02 with Zero pic (in chip holder) set to netboot. or Vewlix Fastio PCB and Nesica card reader (no cover). or Taito Space Invaders DX JAMMA PCB. I need a version that'll work with a...
  13. penrhos

    ebay - Clearing Naomi stuff out to pay for cab... Should be OK for European users - Elsewhere PM me. I think I can send 2 GD-Roms almost anywhere for about $20.
  14. penrhos

    Price check : Dataman S4.

    I've got a boxed dataman S4. It works fine but could do with a new battery pack as it goes flat if you don't use it for a while. It's complete - manual, leads, psu, ribbon cable with socket. Perfect for legacy chips. Any ideas on prices?
  15. penrhos

    Lindy multi with original PIC?

    I've got a Yellow Lindy with a security pic but the HDD is dead. I've also got the Multi HDD and CF images and the instructions on how to get into the bios and disable the HDD lock. Can I edit the Multi image so it'll just run the original game with the security PIC I have or do I need to...
  16. penrhos

    Anyone got a Tab.AT Video pinball table?

    I picked up a video pinball table and need some information. 1) Some arse smashed the coin entry & return plastics - I think they're the same as fitted to a silverball, can anyone confirm this or better still does someone have spares? 2) The PC wasn't working - but I think I've fixed it...
  17. penrhos

    WTD : Taito Type-X Zero hard drive caddy

    Picked up a TTX-Zero and need a hard drive caddy for it. Anyone able to help out? Failing that I'm getting a 3D printer and could print one if someone can help get a 3D render of one.
  18. penrhos

    Aldi 3D printer - Any good?

    I've been looking for a 3D printer for a while and this popped up as an Aldi "Special" It's a "Balco 3D" which seems to be a re-badged "Wanhao i3 Plus". Reviews look OK and Aldi's RMA's are quite good so I might take the plunge...
  19. penrhos

    Type-X Zero

    Picked one of these up to have a play with - it was only 3000 Yen so worth it for the case, pity it didn't have the hard drive with it... Quick tour of the outside. Undo eight screws and the top lifts off.
  20. penrhos

    WTD : Tatio Type-x Zero hard drive cover or STL file so I can 3D print one.

    I picked up a Type-x Zero and need a HDD cover for the case, I don't need any games, just the cover of if anyone has an STL file so I can get one 3D printed that would be a good option as well. I know the motherboard is going to be useless as it's locked to the game it came with (Groove...