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  1. Denson

    Brook retro board set up help!!

    Hi all, Has anyone tried hooking up the Brook retro board? I’ve tried 2 and cannot for the life of me get them to work.... I must be doing something wrong as I can’t believe that they’re both faulty. This is how I’ve set them up: The stick and buttons all connected to the J8 on the retro...
  2. Denson

    Help with Sigma AV7000 controller build

    Hi, I have a Sigma AV7000 supergun with a faulty 9000tb joystick, so I’ve decided to use a couple of old Madcatz T.E. sticks with it instead. I have located the pin out for the 13pin din connector of the AV7000, and while it has pins for every direction and 6 buttons, it has no ground? It has...
  3. Denson

    Wanted: US resident to buy and ship to the UK (only once!)

    Hi, I’m looking to buy some Fightstick bezels from a US site that won’t ship to the UK, well I enquired and they actually would if I bought at least 1000 of them! =O So I’m looking for a kind US forum member that I can PayPal the money to, so that they can purchase them on my behalf and ship...
  4. Denson

    FS: CPS3 Carts and Kits - Warzard, Street Fighter 3: New Gen & 2nd Impact + Both JoJo's

    Hi All, Still having a clear out, so I'm selling some more arcade games. First up is: Warzard - CPS3 Kit, matching serials on box and motherboard, artwork is unopened and includes the Capcom Secret File as well as the usual move strips etc. Also includes 2 x unused password pads with pens...
  5. Denson

    3 x Super Street Fighter II Tournament Battle Boards

    Hi All, I was hoping to order one of Darksofts Tournament Battle PCBs to complete my set and enable tournament play. I have however found myself short of funds (again...!) and realising that I will probably never actually use this I may as well sell off my 3 x Super SFII Tournament Battle B...
  6. Denson

    FS: Atomiswave, Capcom I/Os, Naomi Net Dimm + CPS3 games

    Hi, I am selling the following few bits and pieces: Atomiswave motherboard, fully working £75 Now £65 posted in UK - SOLD Capcom JVS -> Jamma I/O boards. All were working when last used, although I can't find the cables to test them again now. I will accept them back if they don't...
  7. Denson

    Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike CPS3

    Hi there, I have decided to part with one of my Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike set ups. It is an original cart, with the battery having been replaced in May 2016 by the excellent IDC, so should be good for around another 3 1/2 years before needing to be replaced again. Photos will be added in...
  8. Denson

    CPS3 64mb Simms

    Hi, I have some spare 64mb Capcom CPS3 SIMMS to part with. £30 + postage each (20 available) Cheers,
  9. Denson

    CPS3 Multis

    Hi, I have another one of these for sale. :) It comes with the required simms to play SF3 3rd Strike (loaded and tested), along with cd (in the drive). Includes: Motherboard and Simms Cd drive and cables Cart and disc Set Up 1:SOLD Set Up 2: SOLD Set Up 3: SOLD Price £350ea + postage...
  10. Denson

    Net City 2L12B Panel + NOS Artwork

    Hi, I've decided to part with some more of my things that I know I'll never use...I don't really want to keep selling things, but I've overspent this month.....again.. I bought all of these parts years ago with the intention of making a chopped Naomi look like a Net City. But knowing now...
  11. Denson

    CPSIII motherboard graphics issues

    Hi everyone, I have some questions regarding CPS III motherboard graphics issues, and wondered if anyone here could help. I have several motherboards that have graphical problems, even with known working carts and Simms. I have thoroughly cleaned the cart and simm slots, but a couple still...
  12. Denson

    CPS2 + Captain Commando + Guilty Gear XX Slash

    Hi, A couple of bits to part with. CPS1 Captain Commando a+b+c boards, jap version, desuicided, REALLY clean board! £290 plus postage Guilty Gear XX Slash - Naomi GD Rom + Artwork (shown running on the above Net Dimm) - £35 posted in UK Vampire Hunter CPS2 - fully...