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  1. Chron

    WTB: Blast city naomi kick harness

    Anyone have a kick harness they would sell? Or anyone here making them currently? thanks!
  2. Chron

    CPS1 A board NO SOUND repair Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting HA13001

    I purchased this board for a very fair price locally in hopes of repairing the no sound issue. The previous owner had lent this board out and whoever had it dropped a hot wire across the HA13001 amp actually blowing it apart. Which is actually great for someone like me with very little...
  3. Chron

    Sega Blast City no JAMMA sound buzzing fix

    I was having issues with mono Jamma no sound/buzzing but if i hooked up sound via the RCA connectors i had no issues. Obviously i also wanted mono sound to work for my jamma pcb's. @Hatsune Mike made a thread about his issues last year and it really helped me out. Orginal thread Sega Model 3...
  4. Chron

    Namco System 22 DSP Board

    Ive got a Namco System 22 board stack for my Time Crisis. Im looking for the DSP board because its throwing a DSP ram error and im wondering if its one of the customs that the ram interacts with? Im not super technical but I replaced all the ram on the board and still no go so id like to pick up...
  5. Chron

    Hey yo! Indiana dude here!

    Hey guys! Thanks for approval! I have always had a strong love for arcade hardware with no means to obtain what I wanted, but now that life has started fall into place for me that has changed over the last few years. Glad I can finally get serious about collecting the arcade stuff that always...