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    It's my lucky day?

    EDIT: A quick note yes this totally sucks but I’m not going to shame the seller as he offered an immediate refund and apologize for the situation I’ve also explain to him how to pack better in the future, so hopefully other games won’t be destroyed. Please don't name call the seller or try to...
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    Positive feedback for maxdoutex

    @maxdoutex purchased my PGM motherboard, Ketsui, ESPGaluda, and Demon Front for $450 plus shipping. He paid after we agreed on shipping and I was able to get it out to him same day. Thanks man! Thread for reference...
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    Demon Front stand alone PCB sprite color problem

    Gents, I have a Demon Front PCB I'd like to fix up and sell/trade but when I went to test it, the sprites around the main figures and some words are the wrong colors. It comes and goes (pressing and/or twisting the board doesn't seem to affect it) with it being wrong more times than it is right...
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    Positive feedback for Pustule

    @Pustule purchased a PGM bundle from me and was a pleasure to deal with. He paid promptly and I had no issues. Thread for reference, although most of our communication was via PM.
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    [SOLD] IGS PGM Motherboard, conversion carts, and Demon Front

    I have for sale two bundles: 1. IGS PGM Motherboard (final version with coin cell battery, volume wheel replaced with knob, volume works great now), ESPGaluda conversion cart (Japanese ROM, cart from China), Ketsui conversion cart (Japanese ROM, cart from China), Demon Front original cart (from...
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    Positive feedback for Theoddtech

    @theoddtech sold me a MK3 and the sale was super smooth, the item just as described, and the shipping quick and well done. Thank you. Thread for reference.
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    [FS] Rick and Morty for PSVR (PS4 and PS5)

    Disk has no scratches that I can see. How about $25 shipped CONUS or BO. You can pick up in KC or STL as well.
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    Help with this HishouZame PCB

    So I just got this PCB from a seller I consider reliable, but he's far away and return shipping would kill this deal as it's an inexpensive PCB to begin with. I am sadly not near anything I can do much testing with, but hoping someone may be able to give a hint based on image. Using a HAS and...
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    Negative feedback for hrvat9

    I've decided to go ahead and post a negative interaction with @hrvat9 I'm going to leave the negative because I thought we had a deal on this game and he told me after he sold it to someone else for more money. Bottom line, I agreed to his asking price for a game and while I was waiting for...
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    OSSC and FX-1B board (G-Darius) help

    So posted this around but didn't get too many replies. I bought this board from @Hammy and he shot a video of it working before mailing it, but now that I have it, I only get a green light on my OSSC and no sync. Here's what I posted: Guys I just got a G. Darius PCB (Taito FX-1B) that I want to...
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    Post Office Stalks and Takes Another Victim, Let Darkness Embrace Us!!!! (CPS2 Multi repair help needed in Paris)

    OK so I traded a nice guy my CPS2 multi and although I double boxed the bad boy, the shipping was not kind. Looks like top was smashed and as a result the multi slid off and broke those OH SO DELICATE pins. Can anyone help my friend out in Paris (or close to keep costs in check)?
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    Positive feedback for MmSadda

    I want to post and provide feedback for @MmSadda, for a guy with very little feedback on A-P, he was very easy to work with and sent his VERY expensive PCB first and that was appreciated. He's well known on other forums, so he really didn't have to do that, but he was a great communicator and...
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    Positive feedback for RandomRetro!

    @RandomRetro PM me about a board I had for sale and we agreed on a price. Great communicator, sent money quickly and promptly tested the board when it arrived. I love these kinds of buyers because they are easy to work with and low maintenance. Thanks so much!
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    I've never plugged in a JAMMA harness backwards...

    Until today! I got a Heavy Barrel in very nice condition, almost looks like it was never used. I had just tested the Vapor Trail I also got and was distracted... These Data East PCBs of this era are a two stack and both sides are component sides, solder side on the inside. Anyway, without...
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    Can anyone ID this PCB?

    It's not JAMMA so I have no way to test, anyone have a clue what this is?
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    WTB or trade for these hard to get PCBs

    New year, new thread. I'm always looking to fill out my collection, so if you have the following for sale or trade let me know! Denjin Makai Gunbird Hachoo! JJ Squawkers Metamoqester Monster Maulers Ninja Baseball Batman Ninja Clowns Rabbit Sailor Moon Pretty Soldier SegaSonic The Hedgehog...
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    Dumb question about ground wire

    So, I have a new Battletoads machine, which is a converted Pit Fighter. It has a switching power supply (Happ one). So on the ground terminal, it has two green wires connected. One is run to a metal control panel latch (which is just screwed into the wood) and the other one (a much thicker gauge...
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    Positive feedback for Caius

    Positive feedback not needed of course, since we all know he's great, but bought a Demon's World PCB from @caius and it arrived from Italy rather quickly despite all the COVID mail delays. Works as he described! Thank you so much Caius! Also, not related to this sale, but I've purchased...
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    Positive feedback for Niko

    Bough a PCB from @Niko, he's a great seller. Shipped fast, packed well and as described! Thank you! FS: Tumblepop PCB and MVS MV-1FZ
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    What is this? Just a DVD player, or something more?

    Anyone know what this is? It looks to be just a DVD player, but it specifically states it was used with a CPS3 system in a Japanese Arcade.