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  1. Porthos

    WTB Viletim Jamma adapter or Jamma Con.

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for one of these adapters. If you have one or know where to find it, please drop me a message. Thanks!
  2. Porthos

    WTB: Egret 2, Egret 3 or AtomisWave SD

    Hi folks! It's time to seek my first japanese cabinet. I'm looking for a pink unicorn called Egret 2, Egret 3 or AtomisWave SD in very good conditions. Yes, I Know, it's more easy to see Donald Trump dancing a sardana, but who knows... I live in Spain (Barcelona) for shippments and for better...
  3. Porthos

    D button doesn't work

    Hi all. I have a problem with my NeoGeo control pad. Suddenly the D button doesn't work. The button works flawlessly with others PCB's that I have, it's only with my MV-1FZ base the button doesn't work and only in player one, in player two works perfect 8| On the I/O check screen all the...
  4. Porthos

    New user here.

    Hi! I'm from Spain, I'm 41 years old and my passion is arcade games. I've got a very few PCB's but I've got my favorite game between them: an original Final Fight CPS. I'm waiting for a new Multi CPS2 batch form SYG. Meanwhile I'm playing some Cave games (I love Cave :love: ) I'm not like...