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    WTB: tabletop/bartop vewlix

    I have seen some folks come up with some amazing tabletop vewlix builds. I am interested in someone building one or selling one that they may already have. Would not be interested in wood/particle board builds, though. Would want it to support Tate. If you gots, let me know!
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    WTB: Capcom Cute, p-ras Sega panel, Vewlix (or chewlix), Lindbergh panel, bass panel

    Some more items that I am looking for: Capcom Mini cute (orig or reproduction) Sega p-ras control panel with RFID card reader Sega Lindbergh control panel Vewlix or even a chewlix cab - I am looking to make a dedicated HL2S now. Sega bass fishing panel (for Astro/nnc) I am on the east...
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    Free: (2) initial d3 cabs (no game boards)

    Hey folks - I need space. I have two ID3 sit down cabs available. I will be pulling the Naomi game boards, and possibly the monitors. Otherwise everything else will be intact. these are free. Looking to have someone grab these ASAP. Located in NNJ. thanks!
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    FS/T: Sony bvm-d24e1wu w/ controller

    Forsale is a Sony bvm-d24e1wu monitor in mint condition. Cards installed: Remote HD-SDI Analog Analog it includes the Sony controller bkm-10r. I also have a spare cap kit some where (will hopefully be able to find it). it has low hours, but I need to get this for y’all. I like to always have...
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    FS/Interest check: Vectrex lot (3 units, vecfever, etc)

    Hey folks - I am not sure if anyone here would be interested in vectrex stuff. I have: 3 x Vectrex units (all work, though 2 have a slight buzzing sound) 1 x Vectrex controller 1 x sega genesis controller adapter (I may not actually have a genesis controller, this is just the adapter) 1 x...
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    FS: kraylix in NJ

    I picked this up ages ago. Don’t use it (have the real stuff!). This has speakers and I-pac or j-pac installed (I forget which). I used to use this with a laptop. Note that there is some spacer block I didn’t install so that is why it isn’t flush - but that spacer I do have, but it’s also just...
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    FS: Cave espgaluda 2 w/ cavewhich

    A few years back I went on a tear, and bought a bunch of cave boards. I’m not too big of a fan of espgaluda2, so letting it go. I have it installed in a cavewhich (at least this is what it was called when the first run happen). Just the board and the cavewhich. No art or instructions. I’ll get...
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    FS: candy cab (dream box??)

    I have this candy I picked up awhile ago, but never used and has been in my storage. It’s a 25” tube in it. For its compact size it’s incredibly heavy. I never really researched to see what the type of cab it is. it worked last time I used it. It definitely needs a cleaning. I’ll get more pics...
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    SOLD: Nintendo VS Red Tent

    Sold on KLOV Hey folks - I have a red tent that I never really ended up playing, and can definitely use the space. It has Mario and goonies. The tubes have burnin, but not noticeable during play. I’m in NJ. I’ll update post with price soon - but feel free to make an offer (if this isn’t...
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    WTB: various cabs and parts (awsd, egret29, monkeyball & outtrigger panels, cycraft, naomi, etc!)

    hey folks..Im in the market for: Atomiswave SD (or egret) - Monitor not required, but will prefer with one Egret 29 - Monitor not required, but will prefer with one Monkeyball panel Outrtrigger panel Sega naomi motherboard Sega naomi netdimm I may also be in market for a vewlix diamond...
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    WTB: DeathsmilesII pc, powerstone fullkit

    Hey folks - I am in the market for the below: Deathsmiles II pc (working or not is fine) Powerstone naomi kit (mobo not required - just looking for full kit with cart, art, box, etc)
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    WTB: 18 Wheeler or Crazy Taxi stand-up/upright Naomi Universal (game/naomi not required) or just driving CP/base for a Naomi Universal

    I am looking for Crazy Taxi or 18 Wheeler stand up/upright naomi universal. Game/naomi not needed (nor is the monitor). Or just the driving control panel + base. As well as the pedals and even the bench. But these aren't required.
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    WTB: Driving CP for candy cab (NNC)

    Hey folks - I am looking for a driving control panel (the base and the top) - I dont necessarily need a wheel itself or pedals, but will take them if youre offering as well.
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    WTB: Cyberdriver CP, samurai spirits x2 full kit (game), Naomi ATX adapter, Naomi Maple controller/cable (for dreamcast controller)

    Im still looking for a samurai spirits x2 kit (game + art, etc), but am also now looking for: Cyberdriver control panel (or any equivalent) - pedals a plus, but not required. Naomi ATX psu adapter Naomi Maple controller/cable (to use dreamcast controllers on a naomi)
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    WTB: samurai spirits x2 full kit (game)

    Hey folks - I am looking for a full kit samurai spirits x2 kit (minus the x2 motherboard).
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    SOLD: (4) Initial D 3 cabinets working (East coast)

    So, I have upgraded to the later ID's cabinets (8's). And, I am never gonna find a spot for these.. I have 4 ID3 cabinets (US models). 3 work perfectly, and all are in pretty good/very good shape. The only issue would be missing art. 1 needs a recap on the monitor (the monitor may work at...
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    I pinged the creator of those neomini boxes, and he said he doesnt intend on making another batch for naomi games. Im wondering if someone has some available, or has made something similiar? I am specifically looking for naomi cart or GD boxes - not for other platforms. thanks!
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    WTB (or info): decrypted CPS2 street fighter zero3 roms

    I have non-phoneixed zero3 (and a alpha3). Batteries are ok on both now, and Ive replaced one of them already. But, I know I am not going to be keeping up with the batteries eventually. Does anyone sell the decrypted roms, so I can just swap them out? I know I can burn my own, but Im lazy, and...
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    WTB: AWSD or Egret II (monitor optional)

    I need one more AWSD (or an Egret II). Monitor is optional, but would require the bezel. Power is optional, too. But we can work out those specifics - Im fine either way. If you have an AWSD or Egret II, please PM me. Thanks.
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    WTB: Vewlix C, F or DIA

    I'm hoping to make my final additions to my game room (yah right!). I am looking for another vewlix: I am looking for a C, F or DIA. I am in the US (east coast). PM me if you gots! thanks.