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  1. NathanDrake

    [FS] Ringedge 2 / Stack SS2 / PCB Golgo 13

    Hi guys, Got some PCB and Arcade Systems to sale Feel free to ask for more informations. Cheers :) Ringedge 2 350€ Stack SS2 Fatal Judgment (error RAM 33C) 100€ PCB Golgo 13 120€
  2. NathanDrake

    [FS] Sega i/o type 3 / Operation Ghost for Ringedge 2

    Hi guys, I have some stuff to sale Sega Jamma To JVS V1 : 30€ Io type 3 : 70€ each Operation Ghost for Ringedge 2 : 150€
  3. NathanDrake

    [FS] NathanDrake's Shop [Update 30/10]

    Hello guys, I sell some stuff Payment via paypal gift Shipping cost are not inclued Ringedge 2 without key 290€ io board type 3 (2 available) 70€ IPAC 2 (wired for Sega Cab) : 50€ 50€ Ampli Naomi 25€
  4. NathanDrake

    Question about Die Hard STV

    Hello everyone, I have a question about Die Hard. I have a Dynamite Deka cartdrige with a bios jap on my STV so game is japanese language. But if I buy a multibios can I play with english language? Or should I buy a Die Hard cartdrige? Thanks for the help :)
  5. NathanDrake

    STV issue with Sea Bass Fishing

    Hi everyone, Need some help for my STV. I have a japanese motherboard. Try some game on it (Dynamite Deka and Puyo Puyo) everything run like a charm. Last week I got 2 cards Sea Bass Fishing and I have this screen with it (with both so don't think cards are damaged) Is it a bios error or...
  6. NathanDrake

    [FS]Some Stuff PES/X2/369 ...

    Hi everyone, Some stuff to sale. Prices are without shipping cost. Système Konami PES Arcade [JVS] 150€ Dongles Namco 369 [Tekken Tag Tournament 2] 120€ Kit Upgrade Taito X2 (Lid / Ram 1Go / HDD 160Go Multi) 50€ Spare Ringedge Carte io 25€ Sega io board...
  7. NathanDrake

    [Sold] Lindbergh Yellow

    Hi everyone! I have Lindbergh Yellow to sale Tested and Working but baseboard need to be changed I ask 200€
  8. NathanDrake

    [Sold] Namco System 256 with adaptator

    Hello everyone, I have Namco System 256 with adaptator to sale SOLD
  9. NathanDrake

    [FS] Keychip for Ringwide/Ringedge/Ringedge 2

    Hello everyone, I have some Keychip RW/RE/RE2 to sale 80€ for a unit
  10. NathanDrake

    [FS] io Board type 3 & Harness Sega

    Hello everone, Got 2 io board type 3 to sale 100€ for a unit Harness Sega [600-7143-002] 50€
  11. NathanDrake

    [SOLD] Taito X3 with Left 4 Dead

    Hi everyone, I have a TTX3 with L4D CM and game has been tested and working. But need a fast io to play like the screen at the end of the video show I don't have the stuff so I sell it Video TTX3 L4D I ask 490€ without shipping cost Cheers
  12. NathanDrake

    [WTB] Sega Lindbergh Baseboard

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a Sega Lindbergh Baseboard Thank you
  13. NathanDrake

    [FS] Some Arcade PCB [NEO Standard/TTX2/Spare Ring/etc...]

    Hello guys, I sale some stuff! Sale condition : 1) No option 2) I respect the order to the extent reasonable (if after 24h no response, I pass to the next) 3) Shipping is possible (Caution of the risks, all my parcels are insured at the scale of its value therefore after it is between you...
  14. NathanDrake

    [FS] Triforce Type 3 (NetBoot Ready) [Sold]

    Hello guys, I have on Triforce Type 3 ready for NetBoot to sale. Price is without shipping cost. Triforce Type 3 (NetBoot Ready) 320€
  15. NathanDrake

    [SOLD] Ringedge 2

    Hello guys, I have a Ringedge 2 to sell. With his keychip (for games contact Android ;) ) Price is without shipping cost. For EU 39€ For US 99€ Ringedge 2 (with Keychip) 590€
  16. NathanDrake

    Tekken 5.1 issue

    Hi guys, I have some trouble with Tekken 5.1 Everything is alright, the game launch but I got this screen with music and nothing happens after :( Here's a picture of the dvd and dongle If anyone can help me :) Thank you
  17. NathanDrake

    [FS] Some Suff [Update 28/02]

    Hello, Selling some stuff :) Price without shipping cost. Panel Original DBZ Zenkai 1p Namco White with Harness 80€ Server ID 5 Lindbergh (HDD/CF/Keychip) 90€ io Board Sega type 1 and type 3 Type 3 : 110€ DVD Sega Race TV Lindbergh (without key) 25€...
  18. NathanDrake


    Hello, All Sold
  19. NathanDrake

    [Sold]Sega i/o board type 2

    Hi everybody, I sell some stuff Price is without shipping cost Sega i/o Board type 2 60€ (Shipped in UE)
  20. NathanDrake

    [FS] 3 Sega Sensors Gun

    Hello, I sell some stuff. Price without shipping cost Sega Sensors Gun 30€ for this 3