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  1. doozer

    Sega connector

    Anyone know a part number and supplier that sells the female plugs to suit the ones in white on the pcb below?
  2. doozer

    Lindbergh 7800gs video card v5.71

    Looking for a (working) Lindbergh 7800gs video card running bios 5.71 I need it for... experimenting
  3. doozer

    Connector part numbers

    Anyone know the part number(s) of the female plugs that connect to CN7 and CN8 in this photo? I've got plenty that fit, but none of them prevent accidental reverse insertion, and there was... an incident ;(
  4. doozer

    Which battery?

    My Lindbergh keeps forgetting game settings, but remembers the network settings. Does this imply the problem is the motherboard battery or the JVS card one?
  5. doozer

    [FT] Lindbergh Virtua Fighter 5 DVD

    I've got a couple of extra Virtua Fighter 5 install disks (DVP-0008A). Anyone interested in trading for other Lindbergh (or even RE2/Nu/ALLS) disks?
  6. doozer

    WTB: Lindbergh 7800GS v5.71 BIOS

    Hey All, I’m looking for a known working 7800gs video card running bios version 5.71 Its sometimes referred to as a 7900gs. Thanks!
  7. doozer

    Lindbergh VBIOS Update DVD

    Hey All, Does anyone know what the VBIOS disk is for and/or how to use it? I'm guessing the V stands for VIDEO, but I'm not certain? If I put the disk (DVP-0021B) in the attached DVD drive and boot the system, I just get an error saying there is no game found. I thought this might be because...
  8. doozer

    Sega Transformers DLX

    Anyone know if the master key that opens the coin box on the Transformers DLX will also open the Ringedge2 access cover? I can open the coin box, but am struggling to open the access panel to get at the electronics. No markings or code on the lock.
  9. doozer

    SOLD: Sega Nu 1.1 Install DVDs

    I have the following disks (factory sealed) for sale: 6x Chunithm Star (Disc. 1) - CDN-0003F-1 3x Chunithm Amazon (Disc. 1) - CDN-0003H-1D $USD20 each plus shipping to your part of the world. I wanted them for my collection and purchased a bulk lot from YAJ, selling the rest. Will trade for...
  10. doozer

    Sega ALLS UX

    Anyone got a manual or wiring diagram for the ALLS systems? Wondering how the SERVICE and TEST buttons are wired up.
  11. doozer

    WTB: Ringedge2 Transformers Keychip

    Looking for a re2 keychip type: SBYR
  12. doozer

    Hummer Extreme MDX Wiring Diagram

    Anyone got a copy of the Hummer Extreme MDX schematic? All the manuals I've found have a blank page where you would expect the diagram to be. Thanks!
  13. doozer

    Hummer Extreme-> Outrun 2SP

    I’m toying with the idea of converting a Hummer Extreme cabinet to run Outrun. The schematics look very similar. Anyone tried this before? Anything to watch out for? It uses an LCD, so I don’t have to deal with all the drama that comes with a CRT. Big plus in my book.
  14. doozer

    Lindbergh PSU

    Hi All, I've got many ATX PC power supplies that I've tried using with my Lindbergh Yellow. Out of them, only one or two will cause the Lindbergh to power on when the switch is thrown on the PSU itself. All the others, nothing happens - as if they are waiting for the power button on the PC to...
  15. doozer

    Lindbergh PCB Header Plugs

    Hi, Does anyone have a part number and/or supplier for the female plugs that connect to many of the game daughter boards on a Lindbergh? Header plugs like this work, but don't have the clip that holds it in place. Header plugs Example photo of the male pins attached. Thanks, Matt.
  16. doozer

    Outrun 2 SDX Wiring Diagram

    Does anyone have a copy of the Outrun 2 SDX wiring diagram? This is the one with dual steering wheels. The Hummer Extreme MDX diagram would also work as its a very similar setup. Every PDF I have found for Outrun is badly scanned and you can't read the diagram. The Hummer ones don't include...
  17. doozer

    Outrun settings

    Hi All, I'm slowly trying to finish converting my Outrun Chihiro over to Outrun Lindbergh. I've managed to get hold of the install DVD DVP-0015A and its corresponding security chip. I have also upgraded the motor FFB board from the chihiro MIDI one, to the RS422 Lindbergh version. Now, here's...
  18. doozer

    Lindbergh Boot Process

    There's rain forecast for this weekend, so its likely I'll finally get some time to play with my new toys. The aim is to figure out the CF lock password so I can edit the card.
  19. doozer

    WTB: Lindbergh Outrun 2 SP SDX DVP-0015A

    Looking for an original Outrun 2 SP SDX dvd (model number DVP-0015A) for the yellow Lindbergh. Security chip included is preferred, but I'll take what I can get.
  20. doozer

    Outrun 2012

    Yesterday I took the kids to a local retro arcade for a bit of fun. To my surprise they had an Outrun cabinet, although it didn't look anything like the ones I've seen before. No Ferrari logo in the center of the steering wheel. The software proclaimed it as being Outrun 2012. I spoke with...