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  1. Ace`

    Possible to reflash a bootleg Atom cart?

    As subject anyone know if it's possible to reflash a bootleg cartridge to be a different game? Guilty Gear / Knights Valour bootlegs can still be picked up pretty cheaply from aliexpress but not Dolphin Blue, Mega Slug 6 etc. I'm wondering if it's just a case of reflashing some tsop flash memory...
  2. Ace`

    SF2 CE / Hyper Fighting to Turbo issue

    I am trying to convert a Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting to the Japanese Turbo version but I am having issues. I changed the program rom 23 (s2tj_23.8f) which runs and mostly looks good with the original maskroms but the turbo logo is messed up. Looking at mame I see I also need to change the 4...
  3. Ace`

    R-Type Leo missing sprites

    I just picked up this R-Type Leo board I've got it booting but there are sprite issues. The sprites are missing completely I noticed the roms (00,10,20,30) weren't getting addressed this was an issue with JP3 making poor contact. With this fixed (and in the correct position) they're getting...
  4. Ace`

    WTD: Custom konami chips

    I am looking for the following Custom Konami cpus 052001 and 052526 (found on Chequered Flag, Ajax / Typhoon, Super Contra, '88 Games, Thundercross, Crime Fighters, Aliens, Gang Busters, Black Hole) Konami 053247 surface mount custom (found on Over Drive, Escape Kids, X-Men, Xexex, G.I Joe...
  5. Ace`

    FS: PCBs Time Killers + Mexico 86

    Fully working original Time Killers jamma pcb. £55 including postage with UPS (UK / mainland only) pm for postage costs else where. Payment by PPG please. Fully working Mexico 86 (Kick and Run bootleg) jamma pcb. £30 including postage (UK) pm for postage costs else where. Payment by...
  6. Ace`

    Konami custom cpus

    I've got a couple of boards with dead custom konami cpus (052001 / 052526) does anyone know if these are just 6809 with a custom pinout? The pinout is in the Aliens and Haunted Castle schematics so if that is the case it would just mean making an adapter pcb.