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  1. nem

    SORTED Need help from someone in the US to forward me something from eBay Can someone buy this LED driver board from eBay and forward it to me? USPS First Class Airmail would be my preferred option, because I'm cheap.
  2. nem

    Capcom IO tall feet

    I modeled these tall feet / legs for the Capcom IO: With these you can position the IO above the Naomi, like in this pic by @kikaso: In the zip there's both left and right models for symmetry. You'll want to print two of each. Remember to print with supports to make sure the holes come...
  3. nem

    Planet Harriers debug mode

    I dug out my board from storage. I've been messing with it. I forgot how hard this game is. I found out on TCRF that there's a debug test mode available, but I can't get it work? Can anyone here get it working (even on an emulator)? Also, tried some of the...
  4. nem

    Guitar Hero Arcade fret button

    I lost a set of buttons. Fret buttons cost $11.25 each from SuzoHapp. Uhh, no thanks. I'm just going to 3D print my own.
  5. nem

    Net City / Naomi Universal HOT-1505 locking tang

    I needed one of these, so I thought why not just 3D print one? I've been abusing mine and it seems to hold up. YMMV.
  6. nem

    Lindbergh Universal card reader cover

    I needed some extra buttons on my Lindbergh cab. Since I have zero use for the card readers I thought I could use that space for an additional button or two. Attached is three .stl files. One blank, one with a 24mm cutout, and one with a 30mm cutout. Pictured is the latter and an original stock...
  7. nem

    Great 1000 Miles Rally rom swap to Evolution Model

    I just found out there's an updated version to Great 1000 Miles Rally subtitled 'Evolution Model!!!'. It has two additional cars, some new graphics and samples. There's also an 'U.S.A. Version!'. How this version is different from Evolution, I don't know. The programs roms share very little...
  8. nem

    Modeling software for 3D prints

    I recently got into 3D printing. What are you guys using for modeling? I've been using FreeCAD. Am I using this software wrong? I've been solely using the part design workshop. My models consist of multiple sketches and I build them on top of each other. However, if I go back to previous sketch...
  9. nem

    Jaleco Com-Link board (Cisco Heat, Big Run)

    Does anyone know anything about the Com-Link board (No. CH9074) that could be used on Jaleco's Cisco Heat and Big Run to link up multiple machines? Here's a scan from the manual: I recently bought a second Cisco Heat, so linking the two cabs would be pretty cool. However, I can't find...
  10. nem

    Primal Rage 'Hot New Version 2' Pop

    I just came back from seeing an old op. He hasn't had any real videogame stuff in years anymore, it's just gambling stuff like video poker. Still, I couldn't help myself to nose around the place a bit. I wasn't really expecting to find anything. So imagine my surprise when amidst of...
  11. nem

    Control PCBs are paired to their dongles on a X3?

    EDIT: I just spent a whole day troubleshooting two X3s. Don't be an idiot like me. If your system isn't booting, start with removing your memory sticks and plugging in just one. Original, now outdated post: Seems I have managed to brick two X3s. I bought a faulty USFIV from YJ sometime back. I...
  12. nem

    WTB: Radeon 9800 PRO for Type X+ (FOUND)

    No need anymore. See two posts below. The 9800 PRO in my Chase HQ2 cab started displaying artifacts. Does anyone have a spare one they would like to sell me? Thanks
  13. nem

    Aero City PSU capacitor maps (400-5081, -5149 & -5198)

    Recapped a few of these the other day. Quite a few caps had started leaking. One actually broke off when I pulled on it leaving a leg behind. So if you have one these in original state, I suggest putting some new caps on it. Anyway, 400-5081, 400-5149 & 400-5198 (same PSUs basically...
  14. nem

    Arcade games that support an optional, unique second screen

    A list of arcade games that support an optional, unique second screen (not a doubled output): [Games that can played with joysticks and buttons] Backfire! Cyberball Dunk Dream '95 / Hoops '96 (pinout in post 7) (pics of game running in post 10) Hard Dunk Lode Runner: The Dig Fight (pic of...
  15. nem

    In this thread we tube and yoke swap monitors

    A general thread for uncommon monitors. Common monitors should probably get their own threads, like this Alright School Me Please - Nanao MS2930/31/33 Tube Swap Anyway, we're heading into the twilight years of finding CRT tubes out in the wild. I've been monitoring the local craigslist for CRT...
  16. nem

    WTB: Golden Tee Fore motherboard

    Since you guys seem to hate these things, how about sending one my way? I have a cab with a busted motherboard, so need a replacement board for it. I don't care if it's red or green. The video card I have is probably OK and I have spare drives I can image.
  17. nem

    WTB: Datapath Vision RGB card from eBay, looking for help from someone in the US

    Datapath Vision cards are going cheap on eBay: Price includes free shipping in the US. Unfortunately, international shipping is handled by eBay's Global Shipping Program. Been burned by that trash tier service before, not doing it again. Anyone in the US...
  18. nem

    Multi MVS mini marquee, $10 shipped

    I designed a mini marquee for the DS Multi MVS. I was thinking of getting a few printed. Does anyone here want one? It will be printed on translucent plastic like material, should be pretty similar to the real deal. I was thinking 10 USD shipped worldwide. I also vectored the generic MVS mini...
  19. nem

    Tube rejuvenation affects focus?

    Rejuvenating the guns on a CRT affects focus. Is this something that's widely known and I have just missed the memo? I picked up a B+K CRT analyzer years ago, because I had a few worn out tubes that looked dull. I've only ever heard people using a rejuvenator for this symptom, so that's what...
  20. nem

    Yoke and tube specs for monitors

    Let's start one of these as there seems to be interest in one. Hopefully everyone will contribute so we'll get a comprehensive list at some point. For measuring the yoke, the tool that I use is the BSIDE ESR02 PRO. It seems accurate enough. BSIDE ESR02 PRO- cheap tool recommendation It's a...