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  1. Chron

    Namco system 22 + 23

    I sent ya a PM im interested in the 22
  2. Chron

    FS - Scart switch, component to scart converter & scart cables. (sold)

    I will take the scart switch I will pm you :)
  3. Chron

    Hey Arcade Projects!

    Welcome!!! Very helpful people around here :)
  4. Chron

    GS Containers: Rare cabinet container (CHUNI, DRS, HD DDR, WACCA, etc.)

    Holy smokes I wish I could afford a Wacca right now. Maybe in a few years
  5. Chron

    FS: CPS2, STV and Naomi Stuff

    I’d like the empty B case I’ll send you a pm!
  6. Chron

    K C Game sale

    Love that Madonna and neo! I have an extra control panel laying around for the neo 25 and every time I see it makes me want the cab! Lol
  7. Chron

    hi from south east france

    Hi welcome! :)
  8. Chron

    Closing the CPS2 case with DS board

    Yeah also had to remove that top clip part. It comes off easily enough
  9. Chron

    Monkey Ball Panel Reproduction

    Fantastic work!!!
  10. Chron

    Namco system 22 + 23

    Boy if you were in the US I’d jump on this. I need the dsp board from that 22 so save my time crisis. If you have any extra DSP boards from the 22’s let me know.
  11. Chron

    WTS: Blast City, 2x 43cm Taito Stools (SOLD)

    It was in great shape! I need to make a feedback thread sandman2k16 was a great seller! I’m very happy with everything :)
  12. Chron

    Seattle Says Hi

    Welcome! :)
  13. Chron

    PGM single game PCB interest check

    In for 4 sets when available please :)
  14. Chron

    WTB: Blast city naomi kick harness

    Anyone have a kick harness they would sell? Or anyone here making them currently? thanks!
  15. Chron

    Hello from UT, USA

    Sweet! Thanks for the heads up buddy!!
  16. Chron

    Hello from UT, USA

    Hey welcome! I’m heading to Utah in a week for a vacation. Any arcade recommendations? Haha! Definitely gonna check out Arcade galactica (think that was the name haha)
  17. Chron

    I bought one of these, probably like an idiot

    You sure this thing doesn’t have video out or something? I’ve seen preloaded sticks like these for dale at game shops haha