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  1. stt1

    Negative feedback for ArcSys101 (several issues)

    IF you have ordered anything from ArcSys101 and he has NOT shipped it within few weeks: contact forum admins immediately! I am not the only who have had problems with this seller during this year. There are at least two more cases I have heard of. Improperly packed PCB sets: I separately...
  2. stt1

    CPS2 sound issues

    Not exactly a multi-issue yet, but the end target is getting two working CPS2 multi-setups, another for me and another for my friend (a member on this forum as well). I'm trying to get the PCB sets working before ordering/applying any multikit. So, the saga of broken CPS2 hardware continues...
  3. stt1

    Taito arcade steering wheel center cap or emblem and gear stick

    I'm looking for an older Taito cabinet wheel center cap (or only the emblem) and gear stick + assembly. For sure I know that at least Buggy Challenge had these parts, most likely same parts were used with other same era Taito driving games. I'm also interested in for the complete really good...
  4. stt1

    CPS2 A and B boards

    As there has been lately some really bad luck with buying CPS2 stuff (2x B boards which are too bad for repairs due to battery leak, 1x dead A board and 1x MAYBE working A board), I'm looking for following stuff: 2x surely tested and working A boards - NO need for plastic covers, I have them...
  5. stt1

    CPS2 project gone bad

    This isn't yet anything about installing multi, and I'm not even sure if this ever will be... At least for these boards I have now. And I admit that I don't know enough about CPS2 stuff (yet) for figuring out what is wrong (with lower parts). Got first CPS2 parts ever at my hands just recently...
  6. stt1

    Miss World '96 Nude - crashes when certain stage (swimming pool) starts

    I'm trying to debug a PCB for my friend and I suspect that there is a corrupted eprom chip, but this type of eprom is not familiar for me, neither I could not find the type from eprommer (TL866) device list. Chip has these markings in top of it: ZR040P-2 SINGAPORE That's all, nothing else. Any...
  7. stt1

    Price check: Grid Seeker (Taito F3 dedicated) - with an fault

    I have a Grid Seeker which I have had in a shelf a long long time, I don't even recall anymore where it came from. And yes, this is original PCB, not bootleg. Has NO connectors for the cartridge. Fault: When it came in the player fire button 1 was jammed on - immediately when credited, the...
  8. stt1

    Steering wheel and gear shifter for a Buggy Challenge (for restoring a cabinet), Pole Position I/II PCB

    I'm working with a rare cabinet which was designed and completely made in past by a local company in Finland. These were manufactured in masses for the local arcade places, shops, public places and whatever the company placed them for earning money. Unfortunately these were also crushed (yes...
  9. stt1

    Sound problems with The Great Ragtime Show

    Symptoms: Music partially missing, also all "speech" parts missing. Only R-VOL potentiometer changes the volume, on both channels. L-VOL potentiometer has no effect at all. An example from Youtube: Missing compared to the...
  10. stt1

    Original Splatterhouse PCB pics, anyone?

    I will be getting few PCBs as a bundle this month and the seller told me that there is an Splatterhouse amongst them. Does someone have pics from Splatterhouse PCB which are confirmed taken from an original board?
  11. stt1

    Irem M72 platform game

    Only original PCB wanted, NO bootleg boards. Any Irem M72 platform game except R-Type. As long as it works fine, it's ok. PM if you have anything to offer.
  12. stt1

    FS: Sega ST-V multicart game selector with LCD screen

    For detailed technical and installation info, please check this thread: Support Forums - ST-V Multicart In short: This small board with the LCD screen will be applied with the ST-V multicart board and you can select & load your games easier and faster with it. The board is ready soldered with...