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  1. arcadeaction

    Blast City Subwoofer Installation Setup

    I recently installed an internally powered subwoofer inside a Blast City and will be installing another identical setup in another Blast due to the great results. If you can find an Ativa D-1051A 5.1 stereo system yo might pick one up. You only need the subwoofer and not the speakers (I found...
  2. arcadeaction

    Capcom Impress Game Art?

    Was there specific game art made for Capcom Impress cabs? Or is there a generic size that fits Impress cabs and also other Japanese cabinets? If so, does anyone have samples, scans, or repros or originals available? Thanks
  3. arcadeaction

    CPS3 Motherboard Red Issue

    I have a secondary CPS3 motherboard that plays with the following issues and looking for suggestions. 1) main issue is the color red seems shifted/ duplicated as shown in the attached photo on the CPS3 color test. You can see it overlaps on the white bar also. I’ve ran the PCB on more than one...
  4. arcadeaction

    Altered Beast PCB w/JAMMA Adatper - Sega System 16

    Here is a Sega System 16 Altered Beast PCB with a Jamma Adapter that allows you to change the buttons if desired (this is the JAMMA adapter: -The Altered Beast PCB plays and sounds good and all attract mode looks normal and...
  5. arcadeaction

    Final Fight Arcade Cabinet Restoration

    Final Fight arcade game restoration is Finally Finished! It was lots of fun and I put much authentic and historically-accurate effort in this to make it the best I could: from metal working, wood working, electronics/monitor, wiring, artwork design/application, painting etc. Check out the full...
  6. arcadeaction

    WTB Yoke for Nanao MS-2931 Monitor

    Looking for a yoke for a Nanao MS-2931 monitor. These were found in Sega Blast City cabinets and F355 cabinets among others. Thanks
  7. arcadeaction

    Successful Blast City Nanao MS-2931 Tube Swap Info

    Just recently I have performed a successful Nanao MS-2931 arcade monitor tube swap from a TV donor for a Sega Blast City arcade cabinet. Here's some information I posted on the donor TV tube etc: Nanao MS-2931 Arcade Monitor Tube Swap
  8. arcadeaction

    FS: Sega Blast City JAMMA Loom

    This is a new just opened (just to test video and sound) JAMMA loom for Sega Blasts City cabinets. $88 shipped to USA destinations only.
  9. arcadeaction

    FS: Beastorizer PCB

    Here's a game you don't see that often. It is a three button fighting game so there is no need for a kick harness. It also has a switch for running mono sound through the JAMMA edge or stereo sound though a connection on the PCB. I have only ran the mono sound myself. Tested working. $122...
  10. arcadeaction

    Issues with a CPS2 Multi Installation - Looking for Suggestions

    Hi, a friend is receiving the following symptoms after attempting to install his CPS2 multi kit. He says the Darksoft kit is clearly coming on (he gets the green light on the board) and the SD card is reading (he can actually scan through the roms on the SD Cart and get a game to flash into the...
  11. arcadeaction

    Does this SDSI2SD Adapter Work for CPS3?

    Just wondering if anyone had experience with this model, or if this is the one people are using: Thanks
  12. arcadeaction

    CPS2 Battery Leak & Clean Suggestions

    Who currently takes on desuicide or phoenix repair at this time? This CPS2 board had a leaked battery, that I just removed and cleaned the area thoroughly with white vinegar. It cleaned up well but looks like the following need to be replaced 1) LS245 chips at locations 10L and 10M 2) 10uf...
  13. arcadeaction

    Possible to use 3DO ST Music on CPS2 Multi?

    I've always liked the music arrangement on the 3DO version of Super Turbo. Would it be possible on the CPS2 multi to make a version of ST using the 3DO intro and stage music tracks? Akuma's stage and the intro arrangements are especially top tier.
  14. arcadeaction

    Wanted: Double Dragon Control Panel

    Wanted: Double Dragon Control Panel for original dedicated cabinet. Doesn't have to be populated, let me know what you have, thanks
  15. arcadeaction

    SOLD NEO GEO 1 Slot

  16. arcadeaction

    Arcade & Pinball T-Shirts

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    Japanese Radiant Silvergun - Is it enabled?

    Hi - perhaps this has already been discussed, but is the Japanese version of Radiant Silvergun available to play on the ST-V multi? I'd like to use the three button controls. Is a multi bios necessary? I believed I had purchased all the options at time of order, but wondered if I had to do...
  18. arcadeaction

    LCD not functioning. Flashes once on boot, stays off--SOLVED (Post 15)

    Hi, 1) My kit is now booting and plays 1944 when I turn it on, but I'm unable to change to any other game or use the LCD screen as it isn't on. If I hit the enter button, the monitor goes black and then after waiting a while (which I am assuming the system is reloading) 1944 boots up again. 2)...