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  1. GeeDee

    GD's sellin' stuff: PVMs, Pacmania, Lots'o console stuff, etc etc

    Hello AP! Sold a couple of things here before, but I've been contemplating listing a bunch of stuff that's kinda just been collecting dust since last year and I figured the only way it's gonna move is if I actually post it instead of just thinking about it lol. Thread is titled the way it is so...
  2. GeeDee

    [FOUND]: SNES/Super Famicom Scart cable

    Edit: Well that was quick :P This has been found- mods feel free to delete if you happen to catch this thread. --------------------------------------- Looks like retroaccess is having some issues with parts and delays, and some of the other ok options are sold out at the moment. Figured I...
  3. GeeDee

    ZN-2 Memory card options?

    So obviously this is more-so a question about the ZN-2 in general rather than specifically the G-net, so hopefully, it's fine to put this thread up here since it's still relevant. I've been working on a little video project involving the ZN titles and just started looking into this the other...
  4. GeeDee

    FT: [Gone!] My NS1 Pacmania for your Radiant Silvergun Cart

    Edit: Traded exactly as the title reads! :D Pac is gone now. Mods feel free to delete this if needed or leave it up as a price/trade reference. Hey AP! I've had this trade in the works for a little while, but they're having some difficulties finding this one cartridge while they sort through...
  5. GeeDee

    (Price drop 3: Upper) [SOLD] JoJos CPS3 kit w/ HDMI mod, Multi, SCSI2SD, and Jasens case

    11/25: Doing a "black friday offer" 'till monday. check most recent post below ^^ Sold Status: SOLD $1100 total received after shipping and PayPals lame cut :P only regret was not bumping enough to post a third strike title pun ;( CPS3 w/o Case Jojo Box + contents Finally...
  6. GeeDee

    WTB: Puyo Puyo 2 ("tsu") *Found*

    heyo! Just like the title says; looking to see if anyone has one of these they're up for moving. Been playing a lot of puyo champions on switch during some time on the road and thought it would be fun to grab the board. I know there's enough boards on yahoo that you can trip over a stack for...
  7. GeeDee

    Anyone ever repair sync on a pvm?

    So out of curiosity, anyone ever have a PVM with busted sync and took a stab at fixing it up? I'll post up some images later after work if I can, but baaaasically I accidentally hosed one of my sets awhile back, and I'd like to have it back as a working spare rather than being a big paperweight...
  8. GeeDee

    WTB: Rival Schools

    Due to -recent events-, I've got some friends who wanna play this game some more, and the PS1 version just doesn't scratch the itch lol. Figured I'd reach out here before looking around YJ for awhile. Lemme know if you're up for parting with a set! Thanks! :D
  9. GeeDee

    Old Red Earth/Warzard hitbox viewer: which emulator?

    So I've been playing this with some friends online lately, and after sitting around messing with the game on the real board a bit today, I wanted to try and get one of the old hitbox viewers going for it on pc to look at it a little closer. I've read that the last version that worked with this...
  10. GeeDee

    All Boards found! Thanks everyone! =)

    Edit: Found everything I was looking for. Thanks to everyone who sent in messages! :D Looking for an extra A+B set to eventually multi. Preferably something on the lower end like an xmen, marvel, etc- something still in abundance that won't be as missed living a new life lol. Even more...
  11. GeeDee

    [FOUND!] WTB/ISO: "Trouble Shooting" (Mischief Makers) Artbook

    Hello Hello! I'll try to make a long story short- I love collecting Treasure related stuff. Specifically stuff related to the game Mischief Makers. Way way way back in the day, there were some art/concept doujins put out by Tetsuhiko Kikuchi, one of the head artists/designers on a few notable...
  12. GeeDee

    CPS3/CPS2 Digital AV Question + "Loose" SIMMs

    Hello! I'm planning on installing a Digital AV for my CPS3 soon, but I'm a little stumped on just one bit. I actually have a later revision board, and the LS08 on mine is integrated onto the back of the board instead of being included onto an add-on board like most earlier revisions. It's not a...