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  1. TheBortot

    64 & 128Mb CPS3 Repro SIMMS!!

    If i fix some pcbs here, maybe i will need 4-5 ful set of simms, so im interested in both 128 and 64 mb...
  2. TheBortot

    Capcom cps2 B pcbs and tekken

    bump! Prices down.
  3. TheBortot

    Capcom cps2 B pcbs and tekken

    IMPORTANT: Some countries are not accepting BR packages. Went to postal office 3 days ago- AUS wasnt receiving them. Dunno about others. Just give me an adress and i will see. Priority selling for those who want more than 1 pcb.
  4. TheBortot

    Capcom cps2 B pcbs and tekken

    For sell: Capcom cps2 B pcb only: green Street fighter zero - + pic installed - U$ 100 yellow Street fighter zero 2 phoenix - U$ 100 street fighter alpha 3 with battery ( it seems it was a conversion made by capcom itself, it still has capcom seals intact) - U$ 100 green vampire savior...
  5. TheBortot

    price and interest check - cps2 pcbs and namco

    Hi, i don't know how much i could ask for these pcbs, can you help me? If anyone is interested in buying them, i'm thinking about selling. green Street fighter zero - + pic installed yellow Street fighter zero 2 phoenix street fighter alpha 3 with battery ( it seems it was a conversion made by...
  6. TheBortot

    The Definitive Guide to CPS2 Conversions

    Well, i didnt get the point about the GAL. What do i have to burn on it? when make the jumper and where? and when do i have to change it?
  7. TheBortot

    Capcom cps3 consolized

    Hi, just showing my consolized cps3 that i've finished today. Thanks to @undamned, i started this, since he showed how cps3 could be reduced in size. Many thanks to other brazilian guys that are not in this forum, like Neto, from Video demonstration: Some...
  8. TheBortot

    Industrias Lorenzo joystick

    Well, didnt know about this specific tool! Thx. The thing is : notice that, somehow, the last owner of this joustick used a different clip from the original one.Seemed like sanwa. So it was very, very tight. Had to bend it to create a space and them pull it out. Guess ill buy the pliers when the...
  9. TheBortot

    Industrias Lorenzo joystick

    Hi, ive been trying to remove the clip of the joystick to dismount it and nothing... used the smallest screwdriver and theres no space to fit in and pull it out. How to remove it?
  10. TheBortot

    Replacing crt

    Found a 25 tube, but a flat one. Didnt fit too, a little because ita flat and because of size. The problem is i dont have potencial arcade crt sellers and i have to look at certain tv, buy it and then give it a try. Tried the second today, no good. Guess ill have to change the metal parts that...
  11. TheBortot

    Replacing crt

    the tv that i got didnt fit :(. The speakers suposedly 5 inches didnt fit too :(. Damn inches!
  12. TheBortot

    Replacing crt

    But actually the measure is just the screen or it starts where the screws are? The big problem for me is that i dont have the original tube to take the exact dimensions. Just the holes in the chasis.
  13. TheBortot

    Replacing crt

    hi, got a KI 1 cab with no tube. Thinking about modding a crt tv. But i have some doubts about the size. In theory, crt tvs should have exactly the inches that the sticker says, like 29", 25", etc. But when i was measuring a bunch of 29" tvs, they had like 27 or less, like Semp Toshiba Ultra...
  14. TheBortot

    -5v voltage circuit production

    there would be a way to produce -5v using some atx or notebook ac/dc or pico psu sufficient for arcade games? Well, tried to use the Retroelectronik supergun to play midway games, but it actually made my pit fighter and umk3 went bad( i could save umk3 at least). I think it didnt give enough...
  15. TheBortot

    tube size - killer instinct

    Hi, i'm trying to pick up a Killer instinct cabinet, but it's without the tube. Someone can tell me if 20 inches is a suitable one? Or it's bigger? Midway fighting games uses a default size of crt?
  16. TheBortot

    how much current pass through R G B S?

    Hi, someone knows how much current pass through RGBS, specifically sync? i`m trying to build a buffer circuit, but no oscilloscope at home for now, maybe a few weeks..
  17. TheBortot

    Sega st-v show some imagem when booting without cart?

    hi, trying to fix a sega st-v. Does it show some image when booting without cartridge? I dont have one for test :(.
  18. TheBortot

    Doubt about sega naomi power

    Hm, generic arcade PSU through supergun into jamma i/o board and that's it. Need to plug another PSU into motherboard? @Mitsurugi-w Asking because my first contact with Naomi was a broken one, but i'm getting a new one and maybe i don't need a second PSU to feed it.
  19. TheBortot

    Doubt about sega naomi power

    So, that was my doubt- naomi needs 2 power suppliers. Thx!