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    Konami TMNT Based Hardware Conversion Question

    No, it's not possible. They don't have the same chips.
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    Programmer for Macronix MX23l12811TC - IC

    You can't program mask roms.
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    CPS3 connector cart

    No problem!
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    CPS3 connector cart

    Yeah, that one is fine.
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    CPS3 connector cart

    It is a PCI connector.
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    Killer Instinct PCB Missing IC - Need Help

    Yeah, you can use either cause they are equivalents.
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    MK1 Y-Unit U99 Issue

    That is a little bit odd, but all of the roms being bad is a little suspect of a bad U99 or U36. However I did find bent pins in my U99 at one time, so it's always a possibility.
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    MK1 Y-Unit U99 Issue

    Afaik no....make sure there are no cut traces, take the U99 out and make sure none of the pins are bent. If everything checks out you may have a bad u99.
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    WTB: SS64 II + motherboard

    Anyone? :)
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    Reading 63S081N PROM - Need Help

    Sure give me a PM.
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    Reading 63S081N PROM - Need Help

    I have two: dataman 48pro+ and dataman 48uxp
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    Reading 63S081N PROM - Need Help

    You can read it as 74S288 or a 82S123A as well, but I'm not sure the TL866II will do PROMs.
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    Can anyone tell me if they've had positive experiences with Yaton?

    Basically Yaton is the Chinese version of Bill Burger. If you complain or return something he will ban you. On the other hand I've had some good deals with him, including $300 Tetris GrandMaster 2 and a broken Rabbit PCB for $50 which I then fixed.
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    ZN2 pcb problems

    Start on loose pins on the quad flat pack chips.
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    Let’s talk about the flood of Chinese CPS-1 conversions on ebay

    Step 0, make sure the z80 you are using is an actual Z80 cpu and not a Z80 SIO chip
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    NHL Open Ice audio issue

    Yup that's perfectly fine
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    NHL Open Ice audio issue

    it's normal 8x8 ram, here are replacements:
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    WTB: Mitchell Gamshara PCB

    If anyone has one, give me a poke please :)