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    Official: CPS1 Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Put me down for one please.
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    Gamecube WASP (SOLD)

    Yes this one :
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    Gamecube WASP (SOLD)

    Gamecube WASP for sale. Directly plug this into your console, pop in your SD card and you can play games from SD card. Ready to use with no soldering required £70 posted UK - Paypal Gift - Also listed for sale elsewhere
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    Doubt about sega naomi power

    Cheers what kind of power connecter would I need?
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    Doubt about sega naomi power

    Im using a Sega Astro City if im just using carts not netboot can I power the naomi using the capcom io/jamma edge without the sun psu?
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    FS: PC9801 Computer, PC9821 Computer, Fm Towns II Computer

    Would definetly have the Towns II UG20 if it only it wasnt in the US :(
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    ATX-2-Naomi Power Adapters

    Received and works superb.
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    [FS] Naomi CF / Compact Flash Reader [NEW STOCK]

    Received and works great thank you.
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    [FS] Naomi CF / Compact Flash Reader [NEW STOCK]

    Please can I take one of these with a tested compact flash card with extracted key.
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    PGM multicart interest check

    you can add me to list please.
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    Finally, multi System 16B (Sega)

    Mitsu please can you add me to the pre order list also. Many thanks.
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    PGM multicart interest check

    yes count me in.
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    rae would love these place if still available I had a load of these in the 90s Blobby CDs if I remember correctly I stupidly threw them out about 10 years ago when I moved house :(