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    To those with Altered Beast (any version) and the S16 multi. Can you check this out?

    Even Sega of Japan calls one of its rooms the Genesis room, not the Mega Drive room. First picture from the link:
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    PCB Feet

    I think I bought mine off aliexpress, but many of the screws didn't fit right and cracked the plastic on some of the feet ^^
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    CPS2 multi question

    For just about all my through-hole desoldering, I add a little bit of fresh leaded solder with an iron. I've found it helps make the desoldering process easier, even with a desoldering gun. I have mine set to around 360°C. When I have it lower I've had trouble removing some things attached to a...
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    UD-USB Decoders

    Paradise Arcade Shop - DB15 version and requires some wiring usually used for cabs
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    Multi CPS 2 Multi lcd screen button fix

    I bought my CPS2 selector case here: The site is run by our own @twistedsymphony
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    OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    Love that all the ports are on the back other than scart on one side, and even that points toward the back.
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    Giveaway: random arcade stuff from yahoo auctions - OVER

    I'm interested in the CPS2 Super Street Fighter with box.
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    Sold: RetroTink 5x-Pro

    As an owner of a 5x, I can't recommend this enough. I don't have a need for VGA inputs, so my OSSC has been retired to the closet. It really is a great product.
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    Scart cable for the HAS

    Good to know! Couldn't tell from the picture on the site
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    New Australian Distributor

    Maybe it's minor, but the animated logo in the top left of each page is a little distracting to my eyes. Otherwise I like the design of the site
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    Scart cable for the HAS

    This is what I use: But Retro Access has become notoriously slow for processing orders. Retro Gaming Cables has a similar cable, but looks like the audio might...
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    WTB: Naomi GDROM Drive + DIMM Board setup

    See if the seller is willing to ship by Yamato Takkyuubin (ヤマト宅急便). I've been shipping things from Japan to different places without issue. Japan Post on the other hand is a pain to work with and has all types of restrictions.
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    CPS-2 deadstock Motherboards

    I imagine it's pretty loud. I honestly didn't try it out yet.
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    CPS-2 deadstock Motherboards

    Pics inside the spoiler. If anyone would like larger versions, lemme know. Was a nice surprise to see they included the clips and mounting brackets. Any ideas what that bodge wire is? I've only opened two other A boards before and don't think I saw that on either. Also, should I bother...
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    CPS-2 deadstock Motherboards

    I don't mind a ticket system as long as it's announced in advance. Several times in Japan I've arrived at place at opening time to find out tickets were handed or a few hours before. Kind of like you're just supposed to know this. But yes, I did pick one up. Total was 23,000 yen. I forgot to...
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    CPS-2 deadstock Motherboards

    Turns out some people have tickets they got earlier in the morning. Not hopeful but will look around inside anyway.
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    CPS-2 deadstock Motherboards

    Arrived 3 mins before opening and 26 people in front of me.
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    CPS-2 deadstock Motherboards

    The past few days (and looking like Thursday as well) heat index around 10:30 a.m. has been 37°C. Guess I still have some time to think about it. ^^
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    CPS-2 deadstock Motherboards

    Hmm, wish they said what the price is. Kind of tempted to head out there.