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  1. BroadwayJose

    CPS2 I/O Interface

    That should work. I've done something similar with a retroelectronik SCART RGB pass through board with no issue.
  2. BroadwayJose

    MGCD user guide

    Awesome guide! Especially like the option to remove the timer OSD. I wish there was a way to enable free play via dip switch like there is on the PS2 equivalent but that's a small nitpick in the end. This was my go to console-to-arcade device before Jammaizer was an option.
  3. BroadwayJose

    Acrylic cases and boxes for my PCBS and multis ideas and suggestions

    @hyp36rmax no issues with the case here. Plenty of clearance for the JNX adapter.
  4. BroadwayJose

    Midway Wolf conversions

    This isn't necessarily a conversion question so much as a sound repair issue. I have a 2on2 Open Ice board that doesn't play any audio. CPU test indicates a problem at U86 but in my research it seems more likely that the fault is really at U57 for these types of errors and sound problems. The...
  5. BroadwayJose

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    I received my replacement board. Hope to begin testing in the next several days. Thanks again for the prompt response on this @Axun @drfunk2k
  6. BroadwayJose

    NHL Open Ice audio issue

    Ok cool. I suppose this is a good replacement?
  7. BroadwayJose

    NHL Open Ice audio issue

    I just received this board and apparently the sound is not working at all. Nothing from the demo mode nor in-game. I have other Midway boards that require -5v for audio and everything works fine for those boards on the same cab, so I'm not sure this is a cabinet or PSU issue. Upon startup...
  8. BroadwayJose

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    I appreciate this level of service and I'm glad to see my order number listed. Just received mine yesterday and have not yet had the chance to test it. Assuming the issue is there on my setup also, @Axun can you detail what the root cause was and if it is repairable?
  9. BroadwayJose

    Namco System 256 PlayStation Controller adapters for sale!!! NOW Available!!!

    @Franco23444 appreciate the reminder. I have a ton of other projects to complete so I'll pass for now. These do look great and I'll hopefully pick up a pair in the future.
  10. BroadwayJose

    3p and 4p breakout board for NBA Jam

    @snakeGrave awesome project! Beats the hell out of the DB15 breakout boards I used on mine to achieve 4 players across two cabs. @jassin000 I'm assuming that you're aware there are significant differences across all console versions of each NBA Jam games, not only as it relates to the arcade...
  11. BroadwayJose

    What will eventually replace the SUN PSU for NAOMI NetDimm users?

    Hi @rancor can you break down the wiring details and necessary parts to make this work with Naomi? I have a spare DC Power supply that I would love to utilize here.
  12. BroadwayJose

    WTB: point blank 2 V147 EMI Pcb (FOUND)

    @Franco23444 do you still need the filter board? Funny timing, I just lucked into obtaining this same game + filter board recently but it came with no guns or cabinet. I'm not really interested in building a shooting cab or anything like that, as I don't have the available space and I already...
  13. BroadwayJose

    Namco 246 Kick-Harness Connector Question

    If you're still looking to use the Namco I/O, I'm using a re-pinned version of this with a 256 as my kick harness adapter, as I did not wish to rewire my cabinet from the CPS2 style kick harness that is currently installed. The "CPS1" end fits into the Namco I/O plug...
  14. BroadwayJose

    Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    @chacal231077 if you don't want to wait for what you're proposing, an easy solution already exists which will produce stereo from that board via RCA plugs. Can confirm that this works perfectly - I have the same style MVS 1 slot as pictured. This is relatively simple to build on your own and...
  15. BroadwayJose

    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    Does the IDE simulator setup support loading from multiple images on the same SD card or would I need to swap cards per game?
  16. BroadwayJose

    WTB: PGM carts

    Demon Front acquired, still looking for a DDP2 cart.
  17. BroadwayJose

    Positive feedback for XtraSmiley

    Came here to post the same exact thing. @XtraSmiley was super easy to deal with and the goods arrived safe and sound.
  18. BroadwayJose

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    Also curious about the same questions/concerns as above @drfunk2k . I placed my jamma extractor order in early March.
  19. BroadwayJose

    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    Wouldn't this work for composite? Besides that, the RGB2COMP device @drfunk2k linked should take care of it nicely if you want to use component video instead, which is a significant improvement upon composite IMO. I have one of these...