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  1. Mrhide

    Darksoft's MultiMVS Latest Firmware, Menu and Instructions

    I believe I have the stock bios. and these should answer your other questions... and funny enough, I HAVE THE SAME FIRMWARE AS YOU :D
  2. Mrhide

    Hi everyone !

    "digital educator" That sounds very interesting :D does it include showing how arcade game works? bienvenue et dit nous en plus sur ce que ce titre svp!
  3. Mrhide

    Irem M92/M107 conversions: all sound ROMs decrypted

    Nice assault one!!
  4. Mrhide

    Repairing Taito F3 "color bleeding” problem from Factory

    You know what? I think you might be right! and looking at the manual, yours appears to be more like it than mine!
  5. Mrhide

    Repairing Taito F3 "color bleeding” problem from Factory

    he's probably talking about the alignment, which should be like so:
  6. Mrhide

    Sonic Wings/AeroFighters Screeching sound issue

    Need help for this issue: LOWER YOUR VOLUME: View: I've found a thread somewhere where 2 legs of the Yamaha YM2610 were touching and gave a similar effect but it's not the case for me and I have tried the following: -Swap the YM2610 -Swap the...
  7. Mrhide

    Random Namco FCA(B) info thread

    That is probably jst ra 60 pin: Anybody can confirm?
  8. Mrhide

    Random Namco FCA(B) info thread

    What do you mean? Which connector? the schematics are here and here's what they say:
  9. Mrhide

    S18 : Moonwalker no mcu and any romboard patch!

    ....and Dongs are a dancin' again! Thanks Apoc!
  10. Mrhide

    S18 : Moonwalker no mcu and any romboard patch!

    so the link @!9ctjwaBb!nNOhaJ5npWo17l2b2jvUr3aeDd0JIS5F5aX-qnmpXoU is without the dancing dongs. ....but at least it works :) ... so I'll wait for a valid link in the first post or wait for the multi ...
  11. Mrhide

    NAOMI 2/Chihiro/Triforce Card Reader Emulator (Initial D3/WMMT/Mario Kart/F-ZERO AX)

    The more you share, the more you own! Thank you !! ...and ordering a mini sd card NOW to try your wipi netbooter!
  12. Mrhide

    NAMCO SYSTEM 2 Multi

    For the record again, video board of Suzuka 8 hours 2 ( which would NOT work for the multi)
  13. Mrhide

    FS: Egret3 CP Spinner NOS Jammafier Nba PbP Sega Konami Taito SNK pcb and spares

    The model 1 sound board is for virtua racing: virtua fighter has all sockets filled. Nice stuff! Glwts
  14. Mrhide

    naomi VGA cable missing pin?

    Thanks again @GeekMan1222 !! followed your lead and beeped the broken sound and screen pins, stitched'em and voilà, all fixed and working! ps: It unfortunatly didn't make me better @Ikaruga
  15. Mrhide

    naomi VGA cable missing pin?

    NICE!! thank you ! I looked in my Virtua Golf cab and it's indeed missing a pin. I probably plugged that Naomi in a tv with a full cable :( ... and was wondering why it died. I bought another board only, used that filter board and had "issues" and when I looked at it following this thread I...
  16. Mrhide

    naomi VGA cable missing pin?

    Well shit. … and could it screw up the sound as well ?
  17. Mrhide

    NAOMI Netbooting - Error 33 Gateway Not Found error

    Naomi universal cab. and blast city. and now that I have a working pic, works fine everywhere, including the blast
  18. Mrhide

    Namco System Super 23 Time crisis 2

    The version is on this little guy ... and they need to match on both of your sides. as you can see, I have 2 "TSS 3 VER. B" which used to work but now I figured that one appears to be dead, not booting when inserted. If I put the "TSS4 Ver. A", (edit: which is for a SUPER
  19. Mrhide

    FS - Amuzy cabs $200 each WashDC / VA

    kawaii desu ne! better than an Arcade1up for sure! GLWTS.