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  1. skate323k137

    Sega RingEdge 2 cant join partition 7

    re2multi.key file is for truecrypt accessing the game partition. You need to ATA unlock the drive first using the appropriate hex key. If you can see the partitions then you have already successfully unlocked the drive, or the drive isn't ATA locked yet which it will need to be Anyway to open...
  2. skate323k137

    Wave Runner Throttle Inverted in Model 3 Driving Setup

    On the NAOMI, monkey ball and zombie revenge are inverted, and swapping +5/gnd to the pots fixes it. I wired in a DPDT switch on my analog splitter loom to flip between. It's a pretty common circuit:
  3. skate323k137

    Powering a Taito Type X in a New Net City

    Extra outlet on the inside is definitley the 'clean' solution. Personally I run all my cabs on individual 100v step downs. I use the power switch on the stepdown as the power switch for the cab. For systems that can run on 100v like a ringedge, I plug a power spliiter into the stepdown and plug...
  4. skate323k137

    Tips for rotating a crt (New Net City) by myself?

    I have rotated a net city monitor myself but I don't recommend doing it by yourself. I'm 6'2" and was playing hockey regularly when I did it, so I was in a little better shape than now lol. Anyway I did it with the cab upright, and front/rear surrounds removed. I'm not sure how the logistics of...
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    SBYS is the game ID, but I don't know which game that is.
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    I do love me some fighting games, but I'm spoiled with my own cabs and sticks. My wife complains about bad buttons/sticks/monitor calibration whenever we play in public lol (she even helped me do the corner convergence on my nanao monitors).
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    I have not, worth the trip? I have most of the joystick/button games I like, but I'm always game for good rhythm, driving, or gun games I can't fit in my house (or find... or afford... lol)
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    I live across the state on the west coast of MI.... Welcome!
  9. skate323k137

    BlueSCSI - Possible SCSI2SD Alternative

    Blast is JAMMA with the option of JVS power loom ("001 loom"). With a CPS3, it would be wired straight JAMMA. (Edit: the 001 loom also adds stereo RCA audio ability). For JVS like NAOMI you need a jamma IO like capcom or sega rev B., but the blast with 001 loom can at least power a NAOMI...
  10. skate323k137

    BlueSCSI - Possible SCSI2SD Alternative

    I could see using a JVS to JAMMA converter in a net city or something, but why would anyone use one for a CPS3 in a JAMMA wired cab like a blast? Anyway, I don't mean to derail the thread.
  11. skate323k137

    BlueSCSI - Possible SCSI2SD Alternative

    I used v5 on my cps3/blast 3.3v should be irrelevant, only 12v and 5v are present on the jamma edge where the motherboard connects. So I would wager the problem is unadjusted 5v, or a specific revision that wouldn't work on another cab either.
  12. skate323k137

    BlueSCSI - Possible SCSI2SD Alternative

    It's been a few years since I sold my CPS3 stuff, but I'm almost certain I ran both an original scsi cd drive and SCSI2SD in a blast city with no issues. Neat to see an open source one; I use SCSI2SD a lot in retro Macintosh computers, and this looks to be viable there too.
  13. skate323k137

    Spinner options(?)

    I got an unidentified spinner some time back that did not work, so I replaced the optics PCB with the "happ red board" and the F3 works with it just fine. I know it doesn't help sourcing the full assembly but I can at least confirm those optics/electronics work...
  14. skate323k137

    Low/no audio from Q-sound RCA through Vewlix amp?

    Correct. Make sure you're on stereo in test mode, then try adjusting volume using the buttons on the A board. There is also a trick to reset the volume if you hold volume up (or down? Try down if up doesn't work) while powering up the board. Then press volume up until you get sound. Majority...
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    Lindbergh SSD replacement

    No problem, hopefully some day soon we can discuss that one freely :)
  16. skate323k137

    Lindbergh SSD replacement

    That information can't be released here, as Lindbergh is still in service. The multis in circulation have not been publicly dumped afaik, especially not the PIC. Unfortunately my friend, your princess is in another castle.
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    Can Someone School me on Taito G-Net with CF cards?

    The .raw files I posted are extracted CHDs already. Same as img... The file extension doesn't matter. You might have done it right. After you finish imaging the card using raw hdd copy, it will be readable by a windows machine and will show files. Also true on Linux, after using dd, the card...
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    Grounding Astro City

    Your grounding of the coin ramp is all good IMO, good job! And I think you're good on polarity then, you would probably know better living there :)
  19. skate323k137

    Grounding Astro City

    It Honestly sounds like you did it right. The proper way to replace a 2 prong cord is with a 3 prong, attaching ground(earth) to metal. I would have used the same ground point on first glance. I have no idea the implications of an internal step down, however, it seems like you're attaching the...
  20. skate323k137

    Dreamcast - Naomi Capcom Panel Official Interest Check

    My original one came to me with ls-56 joysticks, but the shaft was slightly shorter than the ls-56-01's I replaced them with. I used a small spacer between the panel and stick mounting plate to fix the difference. Awesome work!!