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  1. JoeAwesome

    Mame for Taito Type X2 on Niko's v1.4 multi

    Re: number 2, you couldn’t map 5 and 6 using a PS/2 keyboard? I remember having to do that with SFTM on MAME.
  2. JoeAwesome

    Super Neo 29 candy control panel

    Bump. Don’t care if it’s has issues, just looking for a useable CP.
  3. JoeAwesome

    plasma Production monitor

    Stick with 31khz, and 4:3 aspect ratio. The latter is accurate to the original aspect ratio for the NAOMI. And avoid the GBS- it's not needed as NAOMI can go from VGA straight to the monitor, and adding a GBS isn't going to make it better.
  4. JoeAwesome

    Does Sega I/O work on the X2?

    If/when I get a Rev. B, it was going to help with my needs!
  5. JoeAwesome

    Does Sega I/O work on the X2?

    These, ts?
  6. JoeAwesome

    Mortal Kombat Xbox 360 / PS3 Tournament Stick to DB15 conversion.

    If you want a full DB15 conversion, you can get an extension cable from Console5 and a DB15 breakout board from Amazon. If you want wiring already crimped, maybe start with Focus Attack.
  7. JoeAwesome

    ATP 300 Supergun

    Exactly. The easiest solution is to get a JNX Atlas to plug in the CPS-2 kick harness.
  8. JoeAwesome

    ATP 300 Supergun

    How are you plugging in your kick harness from the ATP? If you aren't, you'll need something like a JNX Atlas to plug in the kick harness to, as Atomiswave uses buttons 1-5 from the JAMMA harness.
  9. JoeAwesome

    Type X2 Multi Freezing at game startup

    Someone in the main thread also mentioned issues with Kingston drives:
  10. JoeAwesome

    [FREE] NEO-GEO MV1C and MV1FZ motherboards - Giveaway Concluded.

    Absolutely, thank you, @Arthrimus for the giveaway and the repair explanations!
  11. JoeAwesome

    Super Neo 29 candy control panel

    Ugh, sorry, I meant Super Neo 29. Updated thread.
  12. JoeAwesome

    Super Neo 29 candy control panel

    Looking to buy a two player panel for a Super Neo 29 candy, preferably 6 or 7 button, but I'll consider a 4 button. No idea on price, though.
  13. JoeAwesome

    Taito Type X2

    Are you plugging it to a monitor via DVI or VGA?
  14. JoeAwesome

    Pana Twin or Sigma Raijin?

    I think those might have Sanwas instead of Seimitsus.
  15. JoeAwesome

    4 Player IGS PGM adapter (cable replacement)

    This is the one I bought years ago, and it worked like a charm.
  16. JoeAwesome

    Is there any small lcd that can accept cga or vga?

    The LMDs will do 480i, but not 480p. No way to do VGA directly, either. My 1420 looked decent with some things (mostly 2D), but awful with others. Great for testing! That's about it.
  17. JoeAwesome

    X2 questions

    1. As stated above 2. Specs 3. Yes, it’s a must. I had the same issues with my Celeron in testing.
  18. JoeAwesome

    Super Neo 29 type 2 restore

    Thanks a lot!