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  1. pacoarcade

    Cleaning inside a PSU

    I wouldn't let water touch the transformer, so if you go that route I'd recommend desoldering it first and resolder it once fully dry. Nowadays I'd leave it as is, maybe just recap with proper replacements. I'd clean with water + degreaser only if it's smelly.
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    Greetings from Spain

    Welcome! you're in the right place.
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    Sunset Riders - help

    As djsheep says get voltage down to 5-5.1V (measured at the JAMMA board). After checking removable EPROMS I'd try soldering JP jumper and see how it goes. This may give some clues on what's going on.
  4. pacoarcade

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    It looks great. If it's compatible with the design I'd keep the TOSLink connector for those who want to use a custom DAC like the Topping E30. I'm curious about the video DAC, does it support full range?. I see potential in a simple and well done full range HDMI to VGA DAC boards too.
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    Switching forum software to XenForo

    Conversation is deleted when both participants leave. Source:
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    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    I had a problem with my System 16B multi but fortunately it seems to be 100% solved. I hope this helps to anyone having problems. After removing and reattaching the multi to the mainboard (taking extra care to avoid via damage due to bending and being connected to ground), vertical scrolls in...
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    Martin Jones Sync Pulse Generator: A Layman in Need of Help with a Schematic

    New version ready featuring lateral pads for tidier connections and better placement of decoupling capacitors. BOM is inside the zip file.
  8. pacoarcade

    Switching forum software to XenForo

    Could you confirm conversations are deleted once all participants leave? This is how XenForo supposedly works by default, but I don't know if this is configurable. The 15 minutes edit time makes difficult to delete payment / shipment information after transactions.
  9. pacoarcade

    Help with jamma cab wiring.

    What AWG are those cables? I'd use at least two for +5V and GND, specially if the cables are longer than 10 inches or you are going to power relatively big boards. I'm currently using 3x for +5V and 3x for GND with success (18 AWG, 10" long).
  10. pacoarcade

    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    @KaPH33n 1.85$ per chip and 0.10$ for programming (27C322): The 27C801 came from Aliexpress and I programmed it with the Minipro TL866A but I'm not sure what vendor I chose. Some time ago I got good EPROMS from QIAOMAER several times. buyicnow also have...
  11. pacoarcade

    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    I'm testing the multi, all games tested work perfect, so far so good! This board is an excellent value, thank you for creating this! 8o For those having problems with the EPROMs, my 27C322 came programmed from
  12. pacoarcade

    Jamma board that runs SNES version of Super SF2: TNC

    This is true love for arcade hardware... I can't stand those conversions! :)
  13. pacoarcade

    JEDEC to NON-JEDEC adapter - gerbers available

    They're temporarily out of stock but I hope to have them available soon (probably next month). I'll bump this thread once ready.
  14. pacoarcade

    Hey Arcade Projects!

    Welcome to paradise!
  15. pacoarcade

    Switching forum software to XenForo

    With the old forum, when you deleted a post it appeared in a box marked as "deleted post". Those deleted posts now appear as posted and you have to delete them again. This is normal text This is a link (once posted it appears underlined) Nice then! maybe the text in the quoted box with...
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    Switching forum software to XenForo

    I've noticed some issues: The user deleted posts now appear. Links in posts are almost indistinguishable from normal text -- edit: this happens only in the editor. I find the post text a bit more difficult to read than before in light mode. This contrast checker tool is very useful for...
  17. pacoarcade

    Switching forum software to XenForo

    Good move, I ran XenForo during several years without issues. Now we can search inside a thread :) Nice to hear attachments are welcomed in the forum, some time ago I read Darksoft recommending to host them outside to save space. This is a problem when the image hosting service dies leaving the...
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    MVS 4-slot issues

    If Diagbios doesn't throw any info I'd check continuity between BIOS and M68K. Sometimes broken traces are difficult to notice.
  19. pacoarcade

    Finally, multi System 16B (Sega)

    I suppose that option should be in the test menu.
  20. pacoarcade

    Finally, multi System 16B (Sega)

    Shinobi language in OG is configured via DIP switch.