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  1. rtw

    Darksoft's MultiMVS Latest Firmware, Menu and Instructions

    Make the video on Youtube, post link her.
  2. rtw

    Irem M72 MCU Dumps Needed - If you own a Multi You can Help!

    Team Europe is going through MCU's :D Take a look at the missing ones listed. If you discover that you have one of the missing ones let us know!
  3. rtw

    To those with Altered Beast (any version) and the S16 multi. Can you check this out?

    Which version is in MiSTER ? altbeastbl2 Altered Beast (bootleg) (bootleg, 1988) mt_beast Altered Beast (Mega-Tech) (Sega, 1988) altbeast Altered Beast (set 8) (8751 317-0078) (Sega, 1988)...
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    Grid seeker graphic glitch with F3 multi

    Thank you for that piece of information. A bit of searching shows that Grid Seeker was released on HW similar to RayForce.
  5. rtw

    S16 OLED selector - A challenger appears

    Interested as well.
  6. rtw

    Grid seeker graphic glitch with F3 multi

    Tested this on my F3 Multi and got the same strange blob, however mine was on the first stage. Pulled out my spare F3 motherboard and tested with that, same result. Then I reached out to @BuddyC and asked if he had the same issue. He said that all was fine on his setup. He kindly sent over his...
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    For Sale: Sega OutRunners PCB SNK NeoGeo MVS Base 2F (MV2F) and 1FZ PRICE DROP

    I received my PCB in record time, it was packed professionally and working 100%. Thank you for excellent service @GalileoFigaro !
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    CPS2-Multi ROMset generator

    it supports modified ROMs, but you must unpack all the needed files to a directory instead of a zip file.
  9. rtw

    CPS2-Multi ROMset generator

    I also update it if new CPS2 games are added to MAME.
  10. rtw

    CPS2-Multi ROMset generator

    What are you missing ?
  11. rtw

    Gunbird 2 Audio Improvement [WIP, help wanted]

    Thank you for the picture and for verifying the dump @Nebula !
  12. rtw

    Gunbird 2 Audio Improvement [WIP, help wanted]

    @Nebula jumpers might be region related. Can you take a full picture of your PCB please ?
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    A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    They are not gone, read carefully...
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    Irem M72 MCU Dumps Needed - If you own a Multi You can Help!

    I checked what MAME currently lists as missing: Air Duel (World) - MCU labeled AD C-PR-C Gallop (Japan) - Battle Chopper (World) - MCU labeled MH C-PR-B Ninja Spirit (World) - MCU labeled NIN C-PR-B Dragon Breed (World) - MCU labeled DB C-PR-B?? Daiku no Gensan (Japan) All these are the...
  15. rtw

    Grid seeker graphic glitch with F3 multi

    It is not present in MAME as far as I can see.
  16. rtw

    ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    Maybe our Douglas Adams fan @electric_monk :D can enable logging to see if he is receiving commands which are unhandled ?
  17. rtw

    ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    Isn't the software looking for some special ATA commands which are only supported on some drives ?
  18. rtw


    I thought the frequency of the A board was 6MHz ?
  19. rtw

    Need help cloning Battle Gear 3!

    What software is that ? Anyway to get it mirrored connect it using a USB adapter and use HDD Raw Copy to kmage it or dd on Linux.