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  1. caius

    Namco system 1 eprom chip identification / type

    Are the devices 28 pin?if yes, they are 1Mbit MASK ROM with non-JEDEC pinout.You can read them as 27C010 but you have to use an adapter to swap /OE and A16. P.S. Yes, they are 28 pin 1Mbit MASK ROMs, I attach datasheet.
  2. caius

    Buy your Konami Reproduction Sound Modules (©Caius) here!

    The new design is for the '054986A' only. I did it mainly because the DAC used on this modue (as well as on the '054544') is nowadays hard to find and existing stock are quite expensive.So, I found another type of DAC which is more common and affordable.The new '054986A' uses also a new OP-AMP...
  3. caius

    Bubble Bobble repair log and 'PS4' custom MCU reproduction

    Who among you does not know and has never played Bubble Bobble in his arcade life? Personally I love this game and I was looking for an original board since ages but never been lucky to get one so I always ended up settling for bootlegs.But recently I spotted on eBay a legit PCB from Taito.The...
  4. caius

    [DOWNLOAD ] Sega PAL dumps

    The PLS153 is not a PAL but a PLA (Programmable Logic Array), it has a different architecture.So you can't use PALTOGAL to convert it to GAL but you need to disassemble it (with JEDUTIL or other tool) and then manually recompile the equations (like Apocalypse did) Just to carify that the dump of...
  5. caius


    It's a solution I obviously took into account but then discarded because surface mounted devices are not easily serviceable by intermediate users. Then, you know, we are old school :)
  6. caius

    FS : FM TOWNS Marty CD-ROM assembly

    For sale the whole CD-ROM assembly for FM TOWNS Marty console.I no longer need it since I have the DocBrown (v2) ODE inside. I have no means to test it again so I sell it as untested but it was working fine when pulled out.Price is 130 euro including shipping worldwide via UPS carrier (2-3 days...
  7. caius

    Thunder Hoop PCB help

    For those hard of hearing :
  8. caius

    Thunder Hoop PCB help

    Yes, most of Gaelco PCBs have missing video GPROUND on PIN 14 parts side of the JAMMA edge connector.Try to jumper with a wire this pin 14 to a whatever GROUND pin of JAMMA connector (pin 1-2-27-28 of both sides)
  9. caius

    Taito 'PC050CM' reproduction

    Recently I've been asked to look at the Taito 'PC050CM' in order to study a replacement.It's another custom IC you can find on arcade PCBs from '80 like Rastan, Rainbow Islands, Operation Wolf, Chuka Taisen, Dr. Toppel Tankenkai, Kuri Kinton, Continental Circus and others.The chip has a SIL28...
  10. caius

    Konami '051550' reproduction final revision

    Thanks for your interest.Please, contact me in private.
  11. caius

    'The Thing' - a FM Towns Marty FDD emulator

    The only HxC floppy emulator is not enough for the Marty since you need also to adapt the floppy FFC cable of the Marty to the HxC connector.I made this adapter for first and sold many of them, it was so popular that some poor man ripped off my design (after he bought from me an adapter), now he...
  12. caius

    'The Thing' - a FM Towns Marty FDD emulator

    Some years I made some work on the Fujitsu FM Towns Marty, a home video game console released in 1993 by Fujitsu, exclusively for the Japanese market.Specifically I found the way to use a FDD emulator (HxC or Gotek) with this console, you can read my past article here : Using the HxC Floppy...
  13. caius

    Repair Log: Irem M72 - Legend of Hero Tonma

    The bottom video board uses ony two DIP40 custom ICs marked 'KNA6034201' that are indeed like two big counters connected to data lines of the tiles ROMs so they are most likely the cause of your issue judging from how fault appear.I reproduced it years ago while I was fixing my R-Type that...
  14. caius

    1943 with bad sprites

    The litte daughterboards are TTL replacement of the '86S100' custom IC : I reproduced it time ago making two versions (one with SMD TTL, the other with a small CPLD) I think Capcom chose to use TTL replacement for a better reliability (the 86S100 fails quite often).I have both revision of...
  15. caius

    Irem 'KNA70H015(11)' and 'KNA70H016(12)' reproduction

    Recently I have been working on reproducing the custom chips found on Irem M72/M82/M84 hardware. Often these chips have scratched-off part number (especially in later hardware like M82/84) but on my R-Type PCB (M72) they were visible so I started my work with the 'KNA70H015(11)' (SDIP64) and...
  16. caius

    Seibu 'SEI80BU' reproduction

    The 'SEI80BU' (silkscreened on PCB as 'SEI0080BU' or simply '80') is a custom chip found on some Seibu Kaihatsu arcade PCBs like Toki, Cabal, Dynamite Duke, Raiden (encrypted version) and few others. It comes in a SDIP42 package : The chip is part of what is commonly referred as "Seibu Sound...
  17. caius

    Namco '00xx' reproduction

    Here's another custom IC I recently reproduced.It's the Namco '00xx', the video RAM addresser (basically the same as Pacman's "284" VRAM Addresser) used on : Dig Dug Galaga Super Pac-Man Original custom IC come in DIP28 600 mil package with stamped number of four digits (but the 3rd and 4th...
  18. caius

    Konami '056747' reproduction

    The '056747' is another hybrid audio module found on Konami PCBs of the 90s.It shares the same ceramic package of the "brothers" '054986A' and '054544' : But it has a different design of the analog circuit (the '054321' ASIC is still present as 'core' of the digital circuit).Personally I've...
  19. caius

    Fujitsu 'MB112S146' reproduction

    Yes, i think there is no need of programmable logic devices for these small designs, they would be a waste. Hopefuly TTLs will be still available, I can see some manufacturers have stopped their production.But this is a problem for next generations of arcade enthusiasts :)
  20. caius

    Fujitsu 'MB112S146' reproduction

    Recently I made a reproduction of the Fujitsu 'MB112S146'.As far as I know this custom IC is used on few Taito arcade PCBs like Arkanoid (which uses two of them), Legend of Kage and Wyvern F-0.It's a DIP28 .600mil chip having the main function of graphics shifter : Actually we already have a...