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  1. djsheep

    OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    @hoagtech yep, pretty cool. Nice to see some more uses for the FPGA on the DE10-Nano :).
  2. djsheep

    Games with Issues

    IMO, you shouldn't really report bugs using a non-100% core as a sample against real hardware. Bugs reported should only be tested against original carts IMO. I love the MiSTer, but this is just opening up a can of worms.
  3. djsheep

    Games with Issues

    It’s not advisable to use the Neo Geo MiSTer core to test or report bugs against the cart as there’s issues with accuracy for sure, especially sound.
  4. djsheep

    OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    Some new details including price and other finer details:
  5. djsheep

    CPS2 does not show green color.

    How are you playing the board? If it’s a Supergun, do other boards show green? Try cleaning the JAMMA edge connector also.
  6. djsheep

    CPS 1.5 - The Punisher - Label

    I won’t be printing nor selling these. Just for personal use on my forthcoming conversion. This art is surprisingly hard to find compared to others, perhaps it can be added to the repository over on ArcadeOtaku. Thanks once again for the link @snakeimp
  7. djsheep

    Battery-less 3rd strike questions

    You just need a standard SCSI cable, same as the CD drive. You can buy a smaller one online or just use the one you have.
  8. djsheep

    CPS 1.5 - The Punisher - Label

    Thanks so much @snakeimp -- exactly what I was looking for. Paging @ShootTheCore :) Agreed, this label looks a lot better than the USA/World one. The right orientation too :)
  9. djsheep

    Sega Sonic Flyer Banner Reproduction Pre-Order

    Looks fantastic
  10. djsheep

    Battery-less 3rd strike questions

    I'm unsure if v6 of the SCSI2SD has been confirmed compatible... there's no reason it wouldn't be. However, this one has been tried and tested:
  11. djsheep

    Sega Astro City - Restored

    Here's a genuine NOS SEGA 100 Yen sticker: Expensive, but definitely legit.
  12. djsheep

    Sigma Raijin

    Glad you're finally sorted @digitron -- I really like the design of the Sigma. Reminds me of some random electronics you would see in OG Chinese supermarkets back in the day...
  13. djsheep

    Battery-less 3rd strike questions

    You can also use a custom SH2 with the UltraSIMMs, however you won't be able to play 4th Strike as it needs the standard SH2 (found in repro carts). It's honestly not much of a loss, and you'll save some bucks by just having your cart converted. If you're in the US, I believe @ShootTheCore can...
  14. djsheep

    Large arcade collection for sale

    Thanks @NikoletatosG -- just reporting what my board looked like, which was definitely a European board.
  15. djsheep

    Large arcade collection for sale

    My Truxton had labels like this picture?
  16. djsheep

    CPS 1.5 - The Punisher - Label

    Doing a Punisher conversion but having trouble finding label artwork. Anyone have anything suitable or custom made in their art stash?
  17. djsheep

    Bootleg CPS-1 A Motherboard with SNK markings…

    Saw this on eBay. Never seen a bootleg A board before. One marked “SNK” nonetheless!
  18. djsheep

    CV1000 repair with non-default U4 NAND Flash IC's

    Top work @buffi
  19. djsheep

    FOR SALE: High Quality Vinyl Darksoft Multi Kit Labels: CPS-2, CPS-3, ST-V, F3, etc.

    Bump. Still a handful of each label still available.