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  1. thegreathopper

    Konami Windy Restoration with Video!

    Nice work and a lovely cab.
  2. thegreathopper

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    How does Dodonpachi play Lee? I am sure I need one of these too.
  3. thegreathopper

    FOUND: Candy Cab

    I always thought you guys had Lower prices for your cabs, there’s been a couple of working Aero’s gone for less than 1K$ in the last month or so here in the UK. But yes cab prices are going up and up, just picked up a really nice Windy for just over a £1K.
  4. thegreathopper

    FOUND: Candy Cab

    You should get an Astro and an Aero for 2K.
  5. thegreathopper

    WTB: 150W Power Supply for Dynamo HS-5

    That’s very common voltages, most arcade cab power supplies would work fine, here’s one. Power
  6. thegreathopper

    Namco Noir advice

    There are a few versions of the red speaker surrounds, mine are just red.
  7. thegreathopper

    Ring Edge 2 replacement fan size?

    Running mine in a Namco Noir which has one almost silent fan, so I swapped out the fans in the Ring edge for quiet ones too. Those old fans are very noisy!
  8. thegreathopper

    (help request) Ringedge 2 motherboard removal?

    I would hazard I guess that those 3 Torx screws in your pic could be holding it in place, I stripped mine about a year ago and do recall a similar issue.
  9. thegreathopper

    Lifting Heavy Monitors Thread

    That’s what I do, put a Windy on its back and lifted out the monitor just a day ago. If doing on your own it’s the only way. I have done it with the following cabs, Neo29, Capcom Impress, Aero city and now a Windy. The frameless monitors like the Impress need doing flat or you risk catching the...
  10. thegreathopper

    WTB; Namco Noir ver.c manual

    Well done, thanks for up loading.
  11. thegreathopper

    WTB; Namco Noir ver.c manual

    When you have done it once it’s simple, but hard to explain and I bet that manual has a nice drawing of how’s it done.
  12. thegreathopper

    MVS MV1B/1C battery replacement

    I would like 2 of these, will send you a PM. Thanks
  13. thegreathopper

    Aero City Monitor Replacement Questions (so I can stop making new threads)

    You probably haven’t put the frame on square, you are only a few mm’s out, I would loosen your bolts and have another go. It’s not as if the screen can fall out of a table, the weights all down on the 4 brackets. Good luck!
  14. thegreathopper

    Aero City Monitor Replacement Questions (so I can stop making new threads)

    The frame is different on a Aero table, much more shallow than a standard Aero but the chassis and the screen are the same.
  15. thegreathopper

    Removing Monitor Sega Aero Table

    You should be able to access most cables after opening the front service door, they are all on quick disconnects.
  16. thegreathopper

    Removing Monitor Sega Aero Table

    I recall it was pretty simple, my monitor came out many times. You certainly do not to discharge it before removing. 1. Remove the 4 large hex nuts holding it in place. 2. Disconnect power, degaussing etc. 3. Disconnect RGB-sync cable small connector Lift straight up, the monitor is in a...
  17. thegreathopper

    Hello from UK

    Is Min short for Minaxi? I used to work with a Min Patel, could be you :-)