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    Q GrandAm 25 Project / Documentation

    Brackets are there yes But they are different as well
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    Q GrandAm 25 Project / Documentation

    You need to transfer several metal pieces to make a rotate mechanisms work On a cab with no rotate mech I have done it before 5 times You need the complete mech of course and the brackets that hold the hood open
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    Astro City MS-8 only turns on after power cycle, any thoughts?

    It’s definitely a cold solder joint Have seen this many times
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    Capcom Q25,side panels

    Looking for some Capcom Q25,side panels i added a pic for reference Thanks in advance
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    WTB: capcom mini cute

    i have some fully restored,unfortunately i’m in Los Angeles california
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    IC: Thinking of selling/trading a few cabs.

    That e29 it’s coming home with me
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    WTB: SNK MVS U*-25 Control Panel

    Each one has different sizes,i have all 3 and could confirm for sure
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    FS/T: splatterhouse

    Pm send!
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    K C Game sale

    They are jaleco pony mark III-25
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    Wanted: Egret 29

    The good thing is eventually i will get it I guess we will be bidding on same SC25 When it pops up
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    Wanted: Egret 29

    For a neo 19 Already have 2 SC-19
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    Wanted: Egret 29

    Lol,i could easily sell one egret29 + an astro And import one from japan
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    Wanted: Egret 29

    i got 6 egret29’s all original,willing to trade but for a neo19
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    Blind MS8-29

    @Kyotaro If you’re in SOCAL i could fix it for you ,let me know PM send!
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    Nanao ms9 chassis in ms8-29 Toshiba tube

    It will work for sure,just connectors are different