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  1. Aurich

    Astro City MS-8 only turns on after power cycle, any thoughts?

    I have an Astro City, MS-8, that suddenly stopped turning the monitor on. No flyback whine, no static on the screen, totally off. Okay, that happens. Here's what's funny. If you turn it on for a bit, turn it off, and—this seems to be the key— wait a bit, then turn it on again it suddenly powers...
  2. Aurich

    Support for hacked color ROMs?

    There are a couple threads I could have tried to post this to, but it seemed a little off topic for them, so decided to start a new one. There has been an increased interest in color palette hacking lately, since the tools to do it have gotten pretty good. Here's an example of an ST one someone...
  3. Aurich

    Custom palette support possible?

    I didn't realize someone had made software to allow you to tweak color palettes, here's a complete Third Strike redo someone did: Just curious, what would it take to run something like this on real CPS3 hardware? Is that possible or a giant headache? I know things like 4th Strike have been...
  4. Aurich

    Is there a way to not see the region select every boot?

    I have Third Strike loaded (custom chip if it matters) with the multi-image on a SCSI2SD. On every boot i have to select the region, which isn't a big deal but is a little annoying. Is there any way to not have to do that every time? Thanks!