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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    It sure doesn't. Unfortunately the 6 that @theoddtech and I have between us just chirp set to 120V. I think that makes what, 9 so far that aren't working proper out of this batch?
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    New Retrogaming Apparel Shop

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    FS: Complete CPS3 Darksoft Setup (SOLD)

    This is the fourth or fifth one over 1k on here recently if I'm not mistaken. And I believe they've all sold too.
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    I've bought a lot of things over $1k with no import taxes. Guitars, cabs, PCB's, books, computers, etc. Only time I've been taxed was for 40-50 pieces of Taito stools in one shipment. And UPS had told me that was because I was over a certain dollar amount for the furniture category. So I...
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    WTB Daraku Tenshi The Fallen Angels PCB

    Looks about as original as they come to me. That's the highest price one I've ever seen with a bid on it. Sheesh.
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    Gone: Xbox Series X Pre-order

    I'd pre-ordered a second one for a friend who now isn't able to go through with the purchase. So I've got an extra that'll be showing up here next week. Rather than fleecing someone on eBay for a few hundred bucks, or just canceling it and it going into the void I figured I'd offer it up here...
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    [FS] Sega Megadrive Custom Posters --- REAL PICS ADDED ---

    Me too. The other three don't interest me though.
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    He seems to have an excellent reputation over on AO and UKVAC. I just personally have never been able to get a reply from him, and it looks like I'm not alone here, ha.
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    How to power an ms2931 on without cab hookups

    All that you need and more exists if you only make an attempt to find it. First result when you google "Nanao ms2931 manual". Second result is the pdf on the wiki page.
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    Using a real NesicaXLive on a Taito X2

    I'm pretty sure that info's not public anywhere at all (which is why I didn't bring it up).
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    Using a real NesicaXLive on a Taito X2

    If you want to get real fancy, you could run attractmode on your TTX2, and use the NXL menu out there for it. Then launch your games with attractmode. A bit of a winding road answer, but it certainly works.
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    Using a real NesicaXLive on a Taito X2

    I don't believe anyone has NXL1 or NXL2 working outside of Japan without an account. Have people hacked the games to get them to work offline, absolutely. But that's an entirely different thing. Having an NXL or NXL2 drive is useless for 99% of people in this community. The only good that...
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    So busy he hasn't answered PM's since May apparently.
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    I don't have good or bad feelings, but I've never gotten him to reply to me when I've PM'd him on AO.
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    Using a real NesicaXLive on a Taito X2

    It will not work. Not only do you need to be in Japan, you need an account, and to profit share with Taito.
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    SOLD: Sony BVM 20F1U

    I was just PM'ed $3000. Guess price does depend on the buyer?
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    That's @g60hot here, I do believe.
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    [ALL SOLD] Plastation SCPH-5501 Consoles for X-Station ODE mod

    @Kavas always good to go with a bad lie, like yours has a broken power button or something. Or your case is yellowed! I had no problem buying one, but I did it first day, and haven't been paying attention since.
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    FS: Beharbros Toro box

    I had been going DC -> Toro -> VGA to BNC adapter -> BNC-accepting-Monitor. I'm not sure about if your monitor needs component.
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    SOLD: Sony BVM 20F1U

    Apparently? I still haven't been told a price. Just asked if I'm interested... Which doesn't make any sense since I already asked about the price, so they know I'm interested...