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  1. evilsim

    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    We appear to have experienced exactly the same problem. Ill do more continuity testing. My Shinobi looks the same as yours did, before you fixed yours.
  2. evilsim

    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    Should I reflow all the ROM DIP sockets ? I don't know how I could have lost a trace between two of the DIP sockets. Some of the games now work, but most of them still have graphical glitches.
  3. evilsim

    Help with arcade PCB question

    @robbo007 you will definitely want to set "V (DC)" on your multimeter, *not* AC. > 14.x volts on pins 3-6. Switch to DC and see what you get. The jamma pins diagram shown just above shows what voltages to expect on those pins. goodluck!
  4. evilsim

    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    ok. checked all between 7 and 13 (as you said trying 7,8 then 8,9 etc) pin 23 between chips 7 & 8 was not connected. I used a small kynar wire to connect them on the bottom side of the multi PCB. now some games look perfect. eg Golden Axe looks great, but Shinobi is the same. there are still a...
  5. evilsim

    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    @Apocalypse do you mean continuity between the legs of the chips and their sockets ? You think there may be some legs which do not have a good connection with their sockets ? If that's the case, I can check that, sure. Before replacing all the ROM's with NOS ones, I cleaned every ROM socket with...
  6. evilsim

    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    @Apocalypse all the "Q" pins on chip 8,9,10 were all high. The next leg up on all, legs 13 and 31, were low. (the probe seemed to be working fine)
  7. evilsim

    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    Image of NOS chips + S16 Multi PCB with 2nd hand chips in it @Mitsurugi-w ^^ hopefully this shows. I can get another pic of something more specific if needed. thanks
  8. evilsim

    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    I have an odd issue which appeared suddenly where i have vertical/horinzontal lines through sprites, or some sprite corruption. When I first built my S16B kit not long ago, it worked fine. THen I take it out of bubble wrap and box a few months later, fire it up and vertical/horizontal lines...
  9. evilsim

    Repair cps1 sound board A

    i bought a knights of the round from jap years ago with this same cap missing and i replaced it, then i got sound. make sure you get the correct tantalum cap - and fingers crossed yours works to !
  10. evilsim

    Positive Feedback for Darksoft

    Without going into a lot of detail, @Darksoft helped me immensely with some difficulties I was having. From the other side of the world I thank you gratefully for your effort and time. Aside from the obvious - this person has developed and created some of the greatest pieces of kit any retro...
  11. evilsim

    The history of Joe and Mac caveman ninja

    love this game and have been looking to buy one for a while now. thanks for the link
  12. evilsim

    [WTB] Controller adapters

    @hatmoose im just over the ditch in Sydney, please can you put me down for one ? or two depending on price. cheers
  13. evilsim

    What CRT do you prefer for retro console gaming?

    My JVC 19" TM-H195OC is my fav - with its fat scanlines. Close second is a 14" PVM 14M4 - super crisp sharp picture. Preferred over my small army of PVM's and even the Toshiba NNC monitor in my Astro City. Can't really explain it, it just looks the best to me :)
  14. evilsim

    WTB: caveman ninja - dataeast

    Thanks @Derick2k I already made that seller some offers but he won't take them. If I knew that person's business name I could contact him off eBay and make an offer and maybe we could reach an agreement. He's asking a lot for the game! I might need to wait for another on eBay.
  15. evilsim

    WTB: caveman ninja - dataeast

    I really enjoy this one and would like to add it to my collection. Please let me know if you can part with a working board. I'll have to get it with shipping to Sydney, Australia. Thanks
  16. evilsim

    Can anyone tell me if they've had positive experiences with Yaton?

    lol ! i want to buy something from Yaton just for the fun of the gamble hehehe (maybe I will get an Astro City ?)
  17. evilsim

    My CPS2 board has issues. Should I still install the kit?

    I bought a SSF2X B board from Jap and it seemed great. Then, after some-time (5seconds to 50mins) it will get graphics corruption and end up freezing. I battled with it a lot and even tried a known-working multi board in it, also tried known-working roms/etc from a working B board (changed the...
  18. evilsim

    FS: Naomi / (New) Net City / Blast City Parts, Sanwa, Seimitsu, Korean parts, Sega Amp, Random stuff

    I would love to grab one of those mounting plates, but I assume posting to Sydney would be expensive.. any chance it could slip into an envelope and be sent with a stamp ? probably too heavy :(
  19. evilsim

    Rockman 2 The Power Fighters

    The first thing you may want to do (after staring at all that sexy hardware in awe) is get an Infinikey which will allow you to remove the battery from the board. The battery, at any time, may leak and have a disastrous effect. Your PCB looks great ! All the best
  20. evilsim

    Neo-Geo controller adapters

    my MD2NEO (rev 1.6) stopped working :S any chance anyone has a hex dump of the Atmega IC on these ? I could install a socket and re-write a new IC to see if I can fix it. I used it all the time :drowning: