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    Black screen after a CMOS

    Are you sure that your JVS card is working 100%? I have already had JVS cards that worked with one game but not others ... I also had JVS cards that prevented the motherboard from booting
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    Black screen after a CMOS

    You remove RAM, graphics card, sound card, JVS card (You put the processor only) it seems to me that the motherboard emits "Beep". If it doesn't beep, your processor or motherboard is dead
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    Sega Lindbergh BLUE "Too Many Arguments" loop

    I am the author of this blog. You can start by changing the battery of the JVS card, making a clear cmos, but this JVS card is the weak point of the lindbergh and often the source of problems.
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    Sega Lindbergh BLUE "Too Many Arguments" loop

    probably JVS Card defect :
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    Lindbergh Repair (Black Screen, no boot)

    Try to start also without the JVS card ... I found that a disrespectful card sometimes caused random starts. In case of problems I now test my lindbergh without sound card and JVS, without the battery bios and in clear cmos. I advise you to buy a 7600GS PC card for your test, for less than 20...
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    Lindbergh Boot Process

    My collection. I'm not sure that the original installation system is on it, I can be used to install new game ... If I can help ;)
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    HOTD4 No rumble in the guns, how to fix this?

    I encountered the problem one day by changing motherboard. From memory, it was a problem of region. No vibration in "JAPAN", but it works in "EXPORT"
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    Lindbergh multi Covers

    Thank you ;)
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    Initial D 4 Arcade Stage - Really 253-5508-0620 ?

    Hello everyone, As usual, when I receive a new motherboard I search the security key number. I receive one (non-functional), whose number is 253-5508-0620 On this page, it says: Initial D Arcade Stage 4...
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    Lindbergh Differences?

    they talk about me here, I'm very flattered! A member of Neo Arcadia appears to have a black version ! Apparently, it seems to be a technically Yellow
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    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Thanks a lot for your answer ! I will try to remove the protective cover. For the processor, you can buy any Q6600? This one work?
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    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Hello (and sorry for my english!) I have 3 different types of JVS cards, do you have more information than this article ? Thanks DIP Switches ( Setting Dip Switch #2 to ON will enable 720p Video Output; setting Dip Switch #2 to OFF will...