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  1. werejag

    wtb broken snes classic controller

    im really after a non broken grey connector form it to repair a controller i have.
  2. werejag

    wtb: atomiswave network adapters

    looking for 2 of them
  3. werejag

    wtb a 3d print of gcplug hdmi dongle

    looking for a black printed case for the gcplug opensource project in usa
  4. werejag

    wtb: ir toy usb v3

    im looking for an assembled and tested usb ir toy.
  5. werejag

    wtb: pgm test cart

    looking for a cart to use in testing a igs pgm dont matter what it is.
  6. werejag

    looking for someone to sandblast and power coat a small metal case.

    this will be two part case the size of a hdd. i would like it properly preped/sandblasted from rust and powder coated gdrom drive color.
  7. werejag

    cheap cheap pgm cart

    looking for a cheap cart aquiring a broken pgm system need a good working cart dont matter the game
  8. werejag

    wanted atari jag games

    looking for any games for my freshly fixed jaguar
  9. werejag

    atari jaguar power ics install

    I received this system broken a while ago after doing some googling and opening the case some one tried to do this repair and didn't do a good job, Ive removed the one power ic that was replaced as it looked like utter shit and cleaned the area, no damage I can see. I'm planing on buying the...
  10. werejag

    sega naomi universal legs

    looking for the feet with the screw posts. used is perferable
  11. werejag

    wanted nnc legs feet and headers

    need some workable feet and header. both right and left
  12. werejag

    can somene make a pcb design based on a site? i need a pcb design based on this so i can get it manufactured for my use
  13. werejag

    MC Cthulhu without the firmware chip

    since i see people using Arthrimus' MC Cthulhu ez upgrade board. anyone want to sell me the original MC Cthulhu without chip?
  14. werejag

    vinyl sticker

    looking for a small vinyl sticker max size is 1 by 2inch. will provide artwork
  15. werejag

    wanted cps3 cd case labels

    anyone have good scans of these?
  16. werejag

    wanted:atari jaguar controller

    slowly collecting parts. av im building a cable, need a controller. hopefully in a month or so i can get a cheap game.
  17. werejag

    is there a cd label?

    is there a cd label image?
  18. werejag


    looking for this pcb and the metal sheild for the pic
  19. werejag

    wanted old ipad

    i have some old hardware that needs an ipad to be used with
  20. werejag

    wanted: quality multi cps3 label

    anyone have a label