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  1. Hydreigon

    Ghost Squad (Sega Chihiro) with everything unlocked.

    It'd be nice for Ghost Squad arcade machine owners to have a hacked version that unlocks all the content locked behind a card reader (pretty much like with Ghost Squad Evolution on Lindbergh). This would help ops running this game on location so we don't have to deal with anything card reader...
  2. Hydreigon

    WTB: Nanao MS9 Chassis

    I feel the only way I can repair my dead MS9 is by swapping parts from another. My suspect bad component is transformer T901 in the power section.
  3. Hydreigon

    Researching and reversing digital CRT microcontrollers

    So I just noticed digital monitors like the Wells Gardner D9200 and Neotec NT-500DX use a microcontroller with an internal mask rom (meaning it was made like this from the factory and can't be dumped) for controlling screen settings and an OSD menu. Due to these starting to age, some contents of...
  4. Hydreigon

    Anyone own the optional communication interface board?

    First off, the board itself isn't very common to find because of the fact only one known game uses this board (I'm sure some of you will figure out soon). Aside from the fact nobody else mentioned this board, the hardware this board consists of is rather interesting for what Taito developed. The...
  5. Hydreigon

    Possible to use a K7400 chassis with a 27" flat tube?

    Both my Time Crisis 2 tubes are becoming weak (due to them using a Zenith tube which are known for their poor quality guns). Both K7400 chassi have been rebuilt and optimized to their best extent (any higher will cause smearing). I'm more on the lines to do a tube swap for now because I found a...
  6. Hydreigon

    Good source for D9200 flybacks?

    It seems there are some Wells Gardner D9200 threads recently so I may make one of my own. Would like to know if these flybacks will ever be available in the future? Currently have two of them with flyback issues; one dead and one with the incorrect flyback installed.
  7. Hydreigon

    Any high quality Namco System 246/256/2X6 main pcb photos?

    Would be extremely helpful for documentation purposes. System 246C and 256 is "required" as those aren't fully documented but the others would be nice. I forgot the most important component that stands out from 2X6 based hardware is the use of additional microcontrollers/MCUs. We will refer to...
  8. Hydreigon

    First time I make a Nanao MS9 related thread.

    Idk if I will keep this monitor or not. This is my first time using a Nanao MS9 only to have obvious issues (see attachment). Is this a sync related issue? Any old threads that had the same issue as this and a solution? Thanks all :). P.S. Running Motocross Go on this chassis and this image...
  9. Hydreigon

    HD-VC9900/SG-VC9900 HDMI converter mods

    I finally got two of these converters and tested them on both Motocross Go pcbs. All I can say is it does the job like the GBS 8200 supplying a decent image with no noticeable input lag. One problem I have with this converter was the "pixel response" being slower than usual changing colors at a...
  10. Hydreigon

    WTB: A Namco C139 chip to send for decap :)

    Not much discussions on this chip. This Namco custom is extremely responsive for an SCI interface (at least after doing some link behavior testing on both my Motocross Go pcbs). I'm thinking it's an MCU. I may be able to get one from an untested Namco System 2 pcb but I'll have to ask...
  11. Hydreigon

    Motocross Go bike seat replacement

    Working on restoring two of these. One of them has a broken seat unit. Anyone worked on this machine before replace the original seat with a better one. It has been done before. Here is an image of a Motocross Go machine using a different seat...
  12. Hydreigon

    WTB: 27" Sega IR Bezel

    This bezel is designed to hold the IR emitters around the monitor. You can find it on a House of the Dead 3/4 and Ghost Squad (Evolution) SD cabinet. Mine is broken beyond repair because the previous owner thought it was a good idea to junk the CRT and put in a bad LCD TV. Edit: It's a 27"...
  13. Hydreigon

    Is System 256 more powerful than System 246?

    The myth of Namco System 256 being more powerful than 246 has been around for as long as I can remember but can't seem to find a proper answer. All we know is: System 256 uses the combined Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesizer, EE+GS CXD9833GB, previously used on slim PS2 models, SCPH-7000X...
  14. Hydreigon


    Some probably know me, some don't. I am registered across some different arcade related forums. I'm 26 years old as of this post and like to look into some interesting functions on some arcade hardware (and repair if necessary). There is a lot of hardware/repair on this thread of my interest...