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    FS - Amuzy cabs $200 each WashDC / VA

    For sale, 3 Amuzy cabs, Japanese import $200 each or best offer or trade for NES/SNES/games.... they need a good home....the 3 cabs on the right work well on both H and V orientation, brand new control panels, plexy, paint, lock and keys. the cab on the left is sold. What is not included on the...

    Found - NES USA Top loader

    Want to buy NES USA TOP loader regular or RGB'ed Csync.. thanks

    WTB - Famicom Games

    Hello there.. I'm looking to purchase the following Japanese Famicom (NES) games... looking for loose carts, nothing special and I'm willing to pay 20% bellow ebay prices since you end up paying those 20% on fees.... thanks Must have list Bionic commando Blaster Master Metroid Legendary wings...

    Posted on WTB tread - Famicom games purchase

    moved to the WTB tread.. thanks all for the reply and feedback...

    FS - Capcom cute nanao 18” monitor $350

    Hello.. selling a Capcom Cute 18” Nanoa monitor in a box.. the monitor has 3 small burn ins but they are hard to see.. I don’t think you will even notice.. colors need adjustments..$350 local pickup only.

    Gone - PC CRT Monitors - Northern VA

    Bellow is my listing.. If you are a member of the forum and want them, please let me know and I will give you priority over Craigslist for the end of the day today. Tomorrow, I will reply to Craigslist and offer them to the first person.. thanks...

    SOLD- Brand new Dell OEM GTX 1660 Super 6GB

    Hello all..Want to sell...Brand spanking New Dell OEM GTX 1660 Super 6GB..just pulled from 3 new systems..3 cards available $475 each or best offer.. shipping is not included, add %5 PayPal if not F&F.

    WTB - intel NUC10i5 tall or better

    Hello.. I am looking to purchase 3 used intel NUC10i5 tall version with the 2.5 SSD space or better for a homelab.. PM me..thanks.

    WTB - Roland MT-300S or MT-80S

    Hello there...I'm looking for buy a Roland MT-300s or MT-80s. If you are looking into selling one or help me source one please let me know.. thanks

    FS - NEC 29XM plus, NEC Multisync 3PG, Mitsubishi XC-2930C (Virginia)

    Hello all.... for and in person pickup preferred.... If shipping, PayPal friends and family only, sellers arrange shipping with STI; Monitor (s) are fully working and you can test to your heart content, once the monitor(s) leaves my castle, they are 100% yours. NEC XM29 plus - she...

    FS - Tetroid Pocket 2 $70

    FS - 2 days old Retroid Pocket 2.. according to YouTubers best hand held today..all working as it should.. the system is not for me, I need a bigger screen. $70 plus shipping (should be like $8) FF or add %4 PayPal fees..

    Found - Analogue Super NT for NEOGEO AES

    Hello there...not sure why but the Analogue Super NT is all over the place price wise on eBay.. if you picked up a NeoGeo AES USA/Jap system for a good price and want to trade, send me a PM. the analogue super NT is like new, I used it to test on a PC CRT and LCD a few times, the thing is like...

    WTB - Nintendo DSi XL

    Hello there.. I am looking for a Nintendo DSi XL in good condition no scratches on the screens and all.. fully working.. please PM me if you have one...thanks

    Sold - Retrotink Ultimate $87 shipped

    Selling a slightly used but not abused Retrotink Ultimate Hat for the Raspberry pi..fully working and no issues. $87 shipped in USA east to west cost only.. gift or add 4% PayPal fees to the amount.

    WTB - Xbox 360 modded to play imports

    Hello..I am looking for an Xbox 360 that can do analog Video out, play imports and backup...Basically Xbox 360 modded. thanks

    Gone - 3 TVs 19” curve RF only

    these are gone. Hello.. I am going to be placing these TVs on Craigslist tomorrow afternoon if no one claim them here..two are in excellent condition, no scratches or dins on the tube (can be use a tube swap on arcade monitors but please don’t), one had a dim picture and I could not adjusted...

    Jamma harness and amp where to buy????

    Guys.. looking to convert the Dino cabs into a full jamma.. do you guys have any recommendations where I could buy good quality jamma hardness fully populated with with -5v, +5v, 12v .110 buttons plugs. Also, I want to add and amp to the cab that looks arcade type and not car looking type...

    Sold - Retrotink Ultimate pi $85

    Hello there.. selling my spare RetroTink ultimate for the pi. Everything is as I got it, opened it to test and make sure that it works.. this is from the last batch before the creator discontinued the product. Price $85 friends and family or add %4, shipping is not included. Thanks

    SOLD - Capcom Mini Cute Green WASHDC\VA\MD

    Unexpected expense and an unexpected sale but that's life:)..... FS - Capcom Mini Cute Green, the cab it is in Mint condition, she is a beauty..great cab...This is one of the cabs that I purchased from @Derick2k a few months back..What has changed since - A) A full day (we left at 7:45 am and...

    Resolved - MiSTer FPGA I/O RGBS out Pinout and GroovyMame CRTEmudriver CSync question???

    Hello there...Does anyone know the MiSter FPGA I/O RGBS pinout (the one that looks like VGA) Also - Groovymame with a compatible video card CRTEmu, what are the VGA ping out for RGBS and ground? My understanding is that Groovymame support both RGBS and RGBHV..I will be setting it for RGBS.. I...