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  1. richtr8

    who wants a shot at my CPS3 PPU: corrosion damage, bad chip or bad repairman?

    over the past month or so i've been gradually making headway on a CPS3 multikit. everything that i need is here except for SIMMs & a SCSI2SD, which are currently tied up in the post & should arrive next week. i bought a motherboard advertised as junk, both on a gamble & also on the merit that...
  2. richtr8

    greetz from australia

    hello, i am richter from melbourne, australia. i do my best to collect & maintain what little arcade & retro game hardware has had the misfortune of winding up on this island. at the moment i own a CPS2, ST-V, MV1F, & a few other assorted PCBs. i use a blast city, smallcab, PVM-20L5 & a...