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  1. Neodogg

    Harnesses and other adapters by Lemony Vengeance

    Awesome news! Congrats!
  2. Neodogg

    What version is my Outzone pcb?

    the version you need to sell to me...
  3. Neodogg

    [FS] MVS carts and kits + motherboards

    Did you ever sell that Metal Slug 2 over on KLoV? (cough) no reply (cough)
  4. Neodogg

    Hello from Ohio

    Hola from the SW
  5. Neodogg

    Fs :dodonpachi pcb jpn(on hold)

    Why you gotta bump this and get my hopes up?
  6. Neodogg

    FS: Xbox 360 E 250GB w/Kinect

    @bartre would this work for my “needs”?
  7. Neodogg

    $1 light gun trigger mod

    1) you said screw map… 2) Why not just replace the tactile switch, they are cheap too?
  8. Neodogg

    How to remove that pot

    usually if you want pot to go smoke it...8| but probably just friction fitted on with a flat/keyed area
  9. Neodogg

    SOLD: Fully Working Sega Nomad / Box/Manuals

    Too late for $301?!?!?
  10. Neodogg

    Greetings from SW Indiana

    Welcome to the forums, I’m Neodogg…I went to college at UE. Had a road trip out to St.Louis for a Neo Geo Big Red, wish I still had it.
  11. Neodogg

    NOS WG D9400 - no picture

    Per your request… MvC2 GigaWing 2 (Naomi) Hellfire (Genesis) on XRGB2+
  12. Neodogg

    NOS WG D9400 - no picture

    Good chance tomorrow was just doing a functional test tonight…
  13. Neodogg

    NOS WG D9400 - no picture

    VICTOLY!!!!!!! Wooo, what a relief! Chad said it needed a new neck board, a new IC somewhere, re-capped part of the chassis and reflowed a bunch of points but it’s working now! I just grabbed my trusty ghetto supergun and a vga Pandora’s Box pcb I had laying around for a functionality test...
  14. Neodogg

    NOS WG D9400 - no picture

    Box is currently on my porch…hopefully I’ll get a chance to reassemble it (hope I remember) once the kids are in bed…highlights and local news at 11…
  15. Neodogg

    [FS] Capcom I/O

    Welcome to the forum, I’m Neodogg…
  16. Neodogg

    NOS WG D9400 - no picture

    Now finished, waiting on shipping from WI!
  17. Neodogg

    NOS WG D9400 - no picture

    currently #28 on the list but 9th on the "impatient list"...
  18. Neodogg

    FS/FT: NOS - Boxed Atari Jaguar "Power Kit" with RetroHQ Gamedrive

    Your wallet will hate you, be careful of what you wish for…