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    New CPSIII Ultra Simms! 8 times the size of a regular SIMM

    Big fan of your pal mod. Would definitely love to 4th strike with palmod for CPS3 multi.
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    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    Try this software (10 days free trial)
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    Looking for help putting a Taito Type X in either a Sega New Net City or a Vewlix

    Read more here You need Capcom I/O board. - Capcom I/O board will be powered by your cab PSU - You will need DVI to VGA adapter (convert DVI to VGA on TTX2)---> then connect VGA into Capcom I/O ---> the video signal will be output via Jamma edge of Capcom I/O
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    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    Alternative option is to buy Axunwork's Jamma extractor ($80)
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    Dekaris Tetris Giant Game PCB

    Is it whole machine for sale? or only the PCB?
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    FS: Sega Tetris Giant w/ Jamma adapter

    Anyone may have the scanned PDF document of Tetris Giant? I would like to see how the original giant joystick with force feedback work. Perhaps it maybe possible to DIY the giant joystick